What is the maximum and minimum number of players for the game among us?

Among us -a popular game in which players assign the role of either a crew or an impostor member. The purpose of the game is that the impostor destroy as many crew members as possible without being discovered. If a deceased player is found, you can convene a meeting to discuss who could be an impostor, and players can unanimously vote for the removal of one player from the ship. If they voted for the impostor, then the crew members win. If the impostor survives, then the impostor is declared the winner.

The impostors have the opportunity to go through the ship relatively unnoticed to attack their teammates. You can travel through ventilation holes and hide in secluded places to catch and kill your prey. In some cases, players will not know who is a friend and who is the enemy until it becomes too late.

The maximum number of players who can play together in one game is equal to ten, while the minimum number of players is four.


The more players, the more opportunities for game modes, including adding up to two additional impostors. This makes it more interesting, since it is expected that the crew members will fulfill the tasks that they are given along the ship, while fearing not only one, but also three impostors.

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