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What is a pepper tree in Star Wars Andorra? Explained

Ardor’s first season has given Star Wars fans many Easter eggs to digest, from Republic Gunships to Khyber crystals. Some of these nuggets are not as obvious as others, specifically the mention of the pimentos. What is a Pimento in Star Wars? This is what you need to know about epicenters and where they have appeared.

Explanation of the Star Wars Ardor Pepper Tree

During a sincere scene in Episode 5 of Star Wars: Ardor, the rebel Seen tells Caspian his motivation to join the cause. The Empire destroyed a farm owned by his brother and, shortly after, he took his life. When Caspian asked: What kind of farm? Seen responded with pimentos.

Pepper trees, also known as Botha pepper trees, produce seeds used by Bothans in many of their most beloved recipes. Like the real pepper, it has a kick and can make some people sneeze.

Image Source: Guide to the Force Viva campaign. Magi from the coast. Artisans Collins

The pepper tree originates in the Star Wars universe from a magicians of the coast Moderate RPGGuerra viva_ launched in 2001. In chapter two of the game, The air above Their a human chef called daddy On board the floating city of Contest complained about the spice saying: « Busiest Banking pepper semester. Get my brain to get sticky and go out for my nose!
Taking into account that the trees come from the hometown of the On, he also remembers the iconic Mon mothma line in the return of the Jedi: «
many Belthanians died to bring us this information._ Mon Mothma also plays a fundamental role in the Ardor series.

A definitive deep cut, because that is all we have in pepper trees in Star Wars . Be sure to see some of our other Ardor contents, such as when Ardor is carried out, what is the prefixed corporate area and what is the Ramadan empire.

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