LOL: The new strategy of Soloq triumphant in Korea that looks like troll, but works

From time to time, League of Legends offers us many techniques to succeed in solo with strategies that completely change the goal, such as Historic and the funnel strategy in the jungle, or Janna Top with Smite that led to a player to be banned by Riot Games. But in this matter the focus is on an unprecedented tactic that is being used mainly on LOL’s South Korean servers: Ghost Nil ah and purifying doing Proxy in the opposing base.

You may have heard of Proxy when it comes to the Signed Champion. The strategy is to ignore the route phase, advance between the enemies towers, and to farm the uncontested troops. Usually this is done before the second tower, but this new strategy with Nil ah is made at the base itself and requires the presence of a second ally to make it work, commonly Lee Sin -e all works thanks to the passive of unrestricted joy.

How does the combo work?

Nil ah is one of the most mobility shooters in LOL, so flash is not so necessary in matches, although several examples of the video above show players using the spell. When this tactic is used in the highest ranks, however, the choices get the ghost and purify. The champion takes advantage of the movement speed bonus to ensure that enemies will not escape when fighting and being able to cancel the effect of exhaustion or setting makes it can perform its plan safely and almost infallibly.

Now, for Proxy to happen you need a partner who is usually Lee Sin, but Bard is not a bad idea either. It is necessary to wait until 1:05 in the match for troops to appear and both pull the minions from the top and middle, letting Nil ah give the Last hits so that their passive is activated, and the experience will be shared between them. If performed correctly, in less than four minutes the tactic will put both champions at level six.

Enemies will not know what to do

This is one of the magic of the technique, you will leave the enemies without knowing what to do, so have all the advantages:

If they remain on the route, they will spend, but will suffer damage or lose gold * when the wave reaches the tower.
If you try to stop the Proxy will face a two against a * you can lose, as well as losing gold and Minions experience

If this goes wrong and the opponents can eliminate Nil ah and her partner, you can come back quietly to Lane with a considerable advantage of gold and experience only of the first waves of troops.

Build to Nil ah

Nil ah can do the build in two ways, one critic-oriented and another for lethality

  • In the most aggressive build her first item will be eclipse or claw of the lurking from there. Purely standard items, such as the essence harvester, thirsty for blood and guardian angel
    * In the traditional build, the mythical will be the immortal dark arch followed by The Collector, Game of Infinity, Thirsty by Blood and Guardian Angel.

If you want to know more about the combo, watch the video that also explains all these details visually, and if you decide to try it, you already know, let your teammates know before and tell us what you think and help yourself to climb the link in the ranked link from lol.