FCH-own plant qenaj seriously injured on the knee

As the Ostalstadt residents introduced on Friday afternoon, Penal seriously damaged the knee throughout the week during training.
The 2nd division group did not reveal a specific diagnosis, however extra exact research studies ought to adhere to in the next week.
It will also be clear just how lengthy Penal has to stop briefly.
Nonetheless, Dagenham already thinks that the 19-year-old will certainly not be readily available for a couple of months.

The sporting activity year for the robust facility ahead is certainly finished too soon.
Penal came to the FCH in winter 2019/20 and also was outfitted with his very first specialist contract prior to this season.
In his first season in the license area, he was able to celebrate his launching: On match day 4, he was substituted in the 83rd min at the 3-0 at 1. FC Nuremberg.
So far he has actually been three short goals.