How to get through the Testing Star test in Bitlife

To undergo a rising star in Bit life, players need to complete the following main tasks:

  • Become a famous porn star
  • Be known for more than 10 years
  • Get the main role in the film
  • Get the Academy Award for the main role

It is not difficult to complete the Bit life Riding Star Challenge task if you know how to achieve each goal in the task. Start by creating male character and then perform the following actions.

How to become a famous porn star in Bit life

The first goal in the testing of Education of the Star is to become a porn star. To do this, you must have very high characteristics, above 90. If you do not have such a character, throw it until you find such a life. Now you will need to support this appearance parameter until you get your role, working in the gym, visiting the spa and meditating from time to time. Make sure that you are launching this procedure when the option is open from measures tab in addition, sign up for lessons / acting lessons simultaneously for the latest challenges in the call. After reaching 18 years, you can see access to the work section. Find the Porn star vacancy in the list and apply. Since you have high statistics, you can get a job and gain access to the adult industry.

how to become famous for more than ten years in Bit life

For the second task in the test, you need to be famous, and also be a porn star. Increase the number of working hours and use the work more zealous parameter on the Work tab to climb the career ladder in the adult industry. Thanks to your constant hard work, you can increase your fame parameter to the level at which you will become a famous star for adults. You can also use social networks platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok to help in your process. Support this glory for another ten years to complete the second task.

how to get the main role in FLIP

For the second part of the test, you will need a package of tasks to gain access to the actor’s special career. Use a talent for finding talented or look at the list of auditions to find the acting role of the initial level. Thanks to the popularity that you have acquired in the adult industry, and the lessons of acting that you took, you can get a decent role of the character. Make efforts and go up the career ladder until you can get the main role in the cinema.

How to get a Academy Award for the main role

Obtaining a prestigious Academy reward depends on the popularity of your film or television show. Having received the main role in any of the two, develop your character and practice acting on the Action tab. Continue repeating steps, perform dangerous tricks, eat exotic products to increase the popularity of the show. Over time, you will be nominated for the main role at the Academy Awards.

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