Konami will announce Silent Hills future on Wednesday

As announced INAMI with the tweet you have on these lines, Silent Hill will have its own retransmission this Wednesday, October 19, at 23:00 of the Spanish peninsular schedule.

In your nightmares, do you see that city? Pray the publication in question, before revealing that during the broadcast we will talk about the latest news from the Silent Hill saga. What is below on the Tweet is a link to the official website of the series, where we can see little more than Silent Hill’s name in front of a dense fog, in addition to a reminder of our appointment with broadcast.


Of course, it is not clear that it will be officially taught, but it seems clear that we are facing the return of the horror saga after 10 years since the launch of its last main game, Silent Hill Downpour. However, it is not worthwhile that we extend more than the account in all possible projects that seem to be in the air (the remake of the 2, the episodic edited by an independent seal and the sequel), because everything indicates that the little ones Filtration of the regulatory agencies were responsible for serving us a small advance.

A game called Silent Hill: The Short Message appeared listed in the Game Rating and Administration Committee, classification agency by South Korea’s ages, which we know onliest than the participation of the Union editor, confirming INAMI’s involvement as its published r usual in this country. Taking into account the approval in this market, it would not be unreasonable to think of an ad without too much waiting time to take it to our screens.

Even so, in just a couple of days we will see how rumors translate, and if we will finally give ourselves with Bruce’s against the fog.

The future of the saga Silent Hill will be revealed during a retransmission of INAMI that will take place on Wednesday, October 19, at 23:00.