Who is K/DA in League of Legends?

Riot Games surprised the world when they presented the virtual group K/DA. The group included champions from their game League of Legends, released along with the line of skins K / DA. Skins have become the main product of the gaming community due to clear visual effects and neon colors. Here is an explanation of the K/DA group in League of Legends.

Who is the K/DA group in League of Legends?

Discography K / DA

K/DA debuted with the song Pop/Stars in 2018 with the participation of Champions League of Legends Evelyn, ARI and Kai’s. After that, the single in 2020 K/DA released the All Out album containing five original songs. On the song More, the champion of Seraphic acted as a guest. However, Strafing was not added to the K/DA list. Here are all the songs released K/DA in chronological order.

  • Pop stars
  • The worst
  • More
  • DUM

line of skins K/DA in League of Legends


In 2018, League of Legends released K/DA skins for Evelyn, Alkali, ARI and Kai’s to celebrate the production of the song Pop/Stars. Each of these skins was also accompanied by a version of Prestige, painting a skin in gold shades. This line of skins paved the way to the All Out line, in which skins for Evelyn, Alkali, ARI, Kai’s and Seraph ins were represented. K/DA All Out also has a Prestige version.

K/DA All Out Strafing was the first ultimatical skin in the line of skins released in honor of the song More. Skin has three options that can be earned by completing tasks. These options are Indie, Rising Star and Superstar, representing the journey of strains in the musical industry.

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