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Quiet Hill 2 Remake: Game shows up specifically for PlayStation 5

Sony has actually secured the Lattice exclusive rights for Silent Hill 2 remake from INAMI. Additionally, the game shows up in parallel for computer using Steam. It was additionally officially announced that the time exclusivity would certainly last for twelve months.

If you do not desire to think us, you can plainly read it on blue below:

Therefore, Silent Hill 2 remake shows up exactly 12 months after magazine for PlayStation 5 as well as Computer for the Xbox.

In the official description there are first information regarding the tale: After receiving a letter from his deceased partner, James travels to the area where they have actually experienced a lot with each other, really hoping to see them again: Quiet Hill.
There, at the lake, he fulfills a woman who resembles her supernatural… >
I. Are called Maria, smiles the lady. Her face, her voice… she is exactly like her.


Experience a masterpiece of the psychological survival horror-praised as the most effective part of the series-on the most up-to-date hardware, with gruesome graphics and terrifying sound.

Silent Hill 2 Remake is being established by Blood’s Group, the Polish workshop, which has also created Layers of Worry, Blair Witch, The Medium and various other video games.