The Nascar driver rose five places just before the checkered flag-a staggering overtake movement model GameCube

The raptures learned from video games may sometimes work in real life, says the NASCAR driver Ross Chasten .


Ross Captain fought 10th place in the Xfinity 500 ranks before the last two bends in the Xfinity 500 race on Martinsville Speedway.
At this point, the decisive jockey suddenly put everything into the game by passing a fierce five cars before the checkered flag-the gas at the bottom of the rib, slicing the right edge of the track.
The confusingly bold performance took Captain to continue and thus also kept his championship dreams alive.
For players, the captain wall movement is probably familiar with many car games, where a small hit does not say slowly.
After the race, the driver said his role model for Game cube NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup, which has reportedly been played in a lot of youth.
Below is the bypass itself and captain’s thoughts after the race.