2.5D action ADV Space Tail: EVERY JOURNEY LEADS HOME, which is searched by planets!

Publisher Long term Games has started distribution of the new 2.5D action adventure game Space Tail: EVERY JOURNEY LEADS HOME handled by ENJOY STUDIO.

This work is a tribute to the animals sent to space ahead of humanity, and the brave and cheerful astronaut BEA is the main character. BEA explores various planets while fully demonstrating special skills as dogs, such as smell and hearing.

  • As an astronaut dog, experience special space exploration.

  • Followed the vast level according to the dog’s sensation and found a secret hidden in a mysterious planet.

  • Jump, shake the tail, bark, groan, communicate with extraterrestrial life, relying only on dog body run gauge.

  • With the help of comets and robots, such as comets and robots, we have gained new skills such as telekinesis and two-stage jumps that move heavy things.

  • Challenge the unusual and advanced logic puzzle.

  • Test agility by overcoming the danger of lurking on alien planets.

  • Explore the story of an attractive and suggestive universe.

  • Immerse yourself in the original soundtrack.

  • Find your way back.


The Space Tail: Every Journey Leads Home, where dogs challenge a magnificent adventure, are distributed at Steam/Gog.com for Windows/Linux for $2,050/19.99 (20 % until November 11) Off is applied).