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All Street Fighter 6 characters, listed

The last debut of the Opening Film of the World Tour: the meaning of the force shows the official Street Fighter 6 Kimberly and JP. So, if you want to see the complete cast, here is a list of all the characters in Street Fighter 6 .

All Street Fighter 6 characters

The originals of the Street Fighter franchise, including BYU, Chung and Ken, return to the next installment with a completely new aspect due to the last modernized mode of open world. However, there are some cast members who are making their first debut in the game, expanding the list of the combat universe.

Here is a list of all Street Fighter 6 characters:

  • Luke
  • James
  • Maria

Dee Jay
in white
Chen LI

The opening video of the world tour: the meaning of the force gave us an advance of the 18 Street Fighter 6. In this debut, we see the artistic designs of several characters, such as Dualism, Tammy, E. Honda and Lanka.

In addition to this launch, fans received a detailed description of many characters on the official Street Fighter 6. For example, you can check a brief summary about E. Honda, along with information about their hatred, taste, height, weight and actor’s voice.

Fans can also get more information about the newest character in the franchise, Kimberly, who is Guy’s student (Bushing’s successor number 38). In addition, he is a lover of pop culture of the 80s with the ambition to become Ninja. Although there are not many details about the other characters, the advancement of the World Tour opening film took us a look at his designs.

That is enough for our guide on All Street Fighter 6 characters. To get more Street Fighter content, you can check the relevant links below.

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