Unity, from graphics to multiplayer solutions 2022

Unity 2022, which was held at Unity San Francisco headquarters from November 1, is now a combination of Unity 2022, which is now moving from Tech stream to LTS (Long-term support version), as well as Unity’s innovation and future vision. It was a place to explain.

In particular, the keynote of this Unity 2022, which began with the welcome and introduction of CEO John Michel, went beyond the change of Unity 2022 LTS version and the addition of new functions, and various creative cases and visions using Unity and the innovation to show in the future It was released.


■ John Michel CEO Half of the game will continue to use Unity, creative center

Unity’s John Michel CEO mentioned Unity’s vision, with the opening of the UNIT 2022, and how to help developers help to easily and creatively create wonderful content. The craftsmanship, who shares the vision together, returned to offline three years after Copenhagen in 2019, and planned to be an event with each online and Unity branch for developers who are difficult to come to the head office.

In addition, statistics on Unity’s current statistics were also published. Currently, 50%of PCs, consoles, and mobile games use Unity, and 72%of 1,000 global top mobile games are also based on Unity. The number of active users who enjoy Unity-based games is more than 3 million per month.

Michel emphasized the importance of the game, referring to the slogan that Unity always believes that creators make the world a better place. According to a survey quoted by the CEO of Michel, 4 billion of the world’s population has enjoyed the game, and it has such an influence. The game is also a content that contains programs, design, character production and animation technology. And Unity added that it has become the best means of helping creators to achieve their vision by easily taking advantage of all the processes.

Unity has continued to innovate for the past few years, so that creators have been able to access the programs, design, character creation, and animation technologies mentioned above. In addition, recently, there are several solutions to support sustainable services. It is Unity’s ultimate vision that the producers make a game that contains their vision more easily, and hope that the game will make the world better.

In order to achieve that vision, the process of receiving the developer’s feedback and refining the process continued. First, Unity, which captures the needs for cross-platforms, expands support for each platform and updates UP and HDRP so that developers can catch two rabbits smoothly and graphic quality regardless of the platform.

In addition, the unity gaming service that helps to develop and operate multiplayer games with one tool, and the approximate introduction of the new functions of Unity to be introduced in this Unity 2022, such as DOTS that can run detailed world and simulation, continued to introduce the new functions of Unity. The Unity can develop further when developers’ opinions are centered, said Michel.

■ What is the keyword of Unite 2022? ‘Build’, ‘Scalability’, ‘Innovation’

Will Gold stone Senior Manager and Lucas MIA Technical Director are the main keywords of Unite 2022, three categories: build, scalability, and innovation. This is the direction of Unity 2021 and the soon LTS, which means that it contains all the virtues necessary for the game development process.

To this end, Unity has been developing to create a creative on any platform and to use more tools for game production. In addition, as the number of users who enjoy multiplayer games increases, the number of developers who want to respond to this provides the functions and services that make it easier to produce multiplayer games and make care of management. In addition, various innovative functions for developers who want to make the best contents using Unity will be introduced in this Unit 2022.

Boron Brown XR Senior Technical PM said that 58%of VR games in the sales top ranking were made in Unity and up to 70%on certain devices. This achievement was possible because Unity was able to continue the development without the gap between several head displays through the open XR and XR SDK, as well as the scalability to be compatible with all devices. In addition, VR devices had different controller settings, so they had to use several SDKs in the past, but Unity improved the ease of development by introducing the interaction toolkit (MRI) that supports interaction between devices. The MRI can be found in the package manager and has been released up to 2.2 in the 2021 LTS version.

The editor has been improved to expand the work so that developers who use Unity can continue their work more comfortably. In addition, the existing IMG UI has not flexibly responded to the growing size of development, but plans to further provide developers’ convenience by adding UI toolkits, a new editor UI and runtime UI solution.

The UI toolkit not only systematically manages multiple complex UIs with more flexible layouts and styling, but also develops minimal oracles to achieve existing rendering quality. In addition, by visualizing workflow and supporting customization, it is easy to check and increase efficiency without any action.

In addition, it is easy to show the list of hierarchy by adding tribulation control, and it supports multi-columns to easily visualize charts and graphs. The new vector drawing API is released for custom control to make it easier to use visualization data, and add editor design systems to help you build a variety of information from accessibility, Type graphics, or advance patterns that display error messages. In addition, he added that it plans to build and improve various means to improve the UI and editor as desired by developers, such as data binding systems. The UI toolkit will be released in the 2022.2 Tech stream version within the fall.

■ Two axes of the Unity rendering pipeline, UP and HDRP are compatible with each other

The concept of scripting rendering pipeline, which Unity built to optimize graphic quality and optimization, has also changed. Previously, it was divided into two types: UP for smooth driving and optimization on multiple platforms, and Harps to provide extreme graphics of PCs and consoles. As a result, unexpected things happened when they first thought about which pipelines to use, and as they crossed to other pipelines as they split each other. As a result, the workflow has been improved so that UP and HDRP can be used in one project.

Some developers have already used these features to melt two pipelines into a project, and each platform has caught both graphic optimization and two rabbits at the same time. For example, Thunder pool Studio’s Lost in Random, Two Point Studios’s Two Point Campus, and Obsidian Entertainment’s Ventilation were mentioned.

In addition to compatibility between pipelines, it was also improved for each pipeline. The UP has been applied to the forward plus so that the quality can be improved at low cost by eliminating the upper limit of lights for each object. Developers using built-in pipelines can apply the decals of the UP immediately, and have improved the buffer options. In addition, many features such as point light shadows, reflection probe blending, and lens flare will be added, and the quality of the UP will also be improved compared to the previous one.

These features apply the same to 2D as well as 3D. The 2D adventure ‘Ventilation’, which was examined in the Unite 2022, is a work that reveals the story of Germany, the 18th century Germany, with a picture book at the time. Obsidian noted the functions of Unity’s UP in order to solve the various events that the protagonist experienced as the protagonist’s trip but also the process of affecting the whole world as well as the whole world. Unity already had a function to produce a variety of 2D assets without drawing resources such as 2D lights. This feature has been improved by Unity’s version up, and the Ventilation is delicately expressed not only to adjust the brightness but also to restrict the change of weather and mood by applying 2D global light and indirect lighting technology.

HDRP also adds new features to build a dynamic environment, making it easier to create a dramatic scene. Mike’s IG Technical Marketing Senior Manager demonstrated the ‘HDRI Sky’ function, which changes the sun and atmosphere in real time and reflects it in the world, and creates an atmosphere that changes every moment by setting control without separate coding. In addition, if the option is changed from HDRI to physical base, it is implemented to create a situation that fits the time beyond the change of the sun.

In order to express the clouds, the cloud layer not only embodies a variety of air environments, but also reflects the movement of the wind with procedural distortion system, and the True Volume Metric Cloud makes the clouds in conjunction with the surrounding environment. The volume system is also added to coordinate this more precisely so that the developer can easily build the environment they want.

The manager explained that the secret that these new features can be driven by Unity is the new adaptive probe volume system. Thousands of light probes are placed in the atmosphere, and even automatic distribution, plants and characters such as various moving objects pixels