Level Infinite, Goddess of Victory: Nikke offline event notice

[ Moon Byung-soo reporter] Level Infinite announced on the 8th, a user offline event ‘Nike Rise on’ of the beautiful girl’s gun shooting action ‘Victory: Nike’ developed by Shift-up.

Nike Rise On is an offline event decorated with a theme space that gives a feeling of being in the game.


The event was designed to reward domestic users to commemorate the official launch of victory: Lucky Draw, including limited contents that can play all Nike. In addition, models that cos played Nike, who were selected as the top in the popular votes held in October, will participate. At the same time, we implement a gun in the game and display it in the field and decorate visitors to shoot mini.

The goddess of victory: Nike is a mobile game that was officially released on the 4th. It has achieved the top sales of the Apple App Store, including Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.