Strategic investment in Com2us Holdings XPLA, webtoon platform hyper comic

[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] The global blockchain main net PLA (PLA), participated by Comes Holdings, announced on the 8th that it has invested a strategic investment in the webtoon platform ‘Hyperbolic’.

Hyper Comics has partnered with K-webtoon content producer ‘M-Story Hub’ and ‘Red Ice’, a producer of the popular webtoon ‘I only level up’.

With this investment, PLA and Hypercomic plans to build a webtoon platform that minimizes transaction fees and implements a token economy system.

Users can leave a review or recommend a review, post on social networking service (SNS), or participate in translation, and NFT owners can directly participate in content production.

PLA aims to be a global major main net that encompasses future digital contents and platforms, focusing on web 3 games, meth uses, and NFT marketplace services with domestic and foreign partners. In addition to the Comes Group, Anika Brands, EGG, Asides, Otis, Delight, and Exterior are joined.