The Whales first trailer, the film with which Brendan Frer (La Mummy) wants to return and fight the Oscar

Aronofsky returns to the walks. The Director of Requiem for a dream , the fighter and black swan Regent to the movie theaters five years after lifting psions faced with Mother! (2017), his previous film. But curiously, in his new movie, The Whale, there is an even more special return than his. One more prolonged and expected. We refer to that of Brendan Frer (the mummy) , who had been out of the spotlights and the great Hollywood circus.

Ovacionada in the most prestigious auditoriums of the festive panorama (Venice, Toronto…), The Whale narrates The story of a divorced English teacher who suffers from severe obesity and who tries to connect with his teenage daughter, with whom Life offers you a final opportunity for redemption. The tape h been largely applauded by Frer’s performance , of whom criticism and public want to know (and see) more things. His name h not taken to appear in the first Parks to the Oscar and he h already made it clear that he would be delighted to resume the mummy 4 more than 14 years later.

Where had Brendan Frer got?

The actor had mired in a depression since 2018 , when he divorced his wife, he lost his mother and denounced the sexual sault he suffered at the beginning of his career at the hands of Philip Berk, the president of The Hollywood foreign press sociation. Part of the show industry positioned himself with Berk and turned his back on the Frer , who for a long time cost to find new papers (between 2014 and 2019 did not make a single film). They embodied his problems in his weight and appearance , hope that The Whale is the resurgence of a falling star and his return to the sky of which he never deserved to be expelled.