One Piece: How long has it spent since Luffy began his adventure? An unexpected duration

With more than 25 years behind him, One Piece is one of those works that you can never forget Once your adventure begins. Luffy’s Odyssey and his Bahamas created by Ericeira Odd back in 1997 has caused a symphony of emotions to all its laws for more than two decades, with arches and plots that many of us will remember until we stop being in this world.

Pennies Lobby, Dresses, Marine ford or Want are some innumerable sagas and manga/anime arches that has left us More than two or even three years hooked to the plot of the straw hat. However, although it is true that they last for years for the launch of a weekly chapter, many wonders how long has elapsed since Luffy appeared in Coby’s barrel until the arrival of the new island of Egghead We will not mention much to avoid spoilers.

That is why from MGG we will help you to learn more or less the time that has passed in Luffy’s history as such from its beginnings to the present. Odd has expressly commented on the duration of each arch or saga.

Duration of each arc of One Piece

Before telling everything together, we will go for arches and sagas within Odd’s work. There are11 sagas in total with several arches within it , starting with that of the East Blue and currently with the final saga. Next we will see the time elapsed in each of the arches, but you should know that there is a 2-year-old Time skip that arrived after Marine ford, specifically in an arc called 3D2y.

In total, the time Luffy has been adventure, including the Time Skip, is 2 years and 11 months or so. Before the Time Skip, the band was together for 9 months (although it seems less after what you will see now, you have to include several months of rest and crew trip), while after the period of 2 years, the pirates have remained little less than a month after your meeting.

East Blue-4 days

Arabasta-17 days

Saga of the Island of Heaven-12 days

Seven-4 Water Saga


Bark-7 days thriller saga

Saga of the Marine ford War-2 years and 17 days

Saga of Gyojin-3 days

Dressssa-3 saga days

Saga of the 4 emperors-18 and a half day