Lol – Riot announces Zeris definitive reown: Thus all their skills will change

No one suspected him when he premiered, but Zero ended up becoming the big problem of League of Legends during season 12. His mechanical exclusively frustrating, good performance in professional game and conventions of unconventional objects gave rise to more than one Dozen settings until Riot Games decided to cut for the healthy. Against what they usually defend, the developers made her the worst character of the game, making her virtually uncrushable and promising a rework that is finally ready to announce.


This is Zero’s definitive renown

Without altering too much the visual aspect of their spells, all Zero’s skills undergo changes at the playable level and their basic statistics are also altered. The champion will work in a very similar way to how Riot Games’s goal has been to maintain the features that make it unique. However, adjustments have been added that promise to offer much more marked long-term weaknesses. Among them, the reduction of scope in their Q (explosive fire) stands out. This false basic attack goes from 825 to 750 of attack so that we can respond every time he approaches to hit.

The key to these changes to Zero are found in the final adjustments, which are probably the most difficult to understand. League of Legends developers have divided this ability into two parts that will be measured differentiated.

  • Part 1-Activation of passive: passive bonuses (damage in area and possibility of accumulating overload) of the ability are immediately activated when pressing the R, generating a time bank that begins with a countdown 5 seconds. 1.5 seconds are generated for the time bank hitting an enemy, but the total number of seconds available can never be greater than 5. If the skill reaches zero.
  • Part 2-Obrecarga: Overload accumulations, which grant movement speed, are reduced to zero if Zero does not hit a rival in 1.5 seconds. This does not turn off the definitive one (maintains the damage in the area and the possibility of accumulating overload), but it does take away all the bonuses it had achieved until then. In this way, it returns to its ‘normal’ movement speed.

The objective of this change is that there are more mechanics to counteract Zero’s movement speed. In this way, the champions can restart their accumulations escaping their blows for just over a second and turn to it when it is not so elusive. A situation that allows you to grant more power in all other skills and that promises to make it a champion somewhat easier to balance in the long term and that does not ‘break’ League of Legends. The Rework arrives imminently to the BE and will premiere during the 2023 preseason.