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Do not log in to other websites on Twitter


It is said that it is dangerous to log in to other websites using Twitter login. It is reported that some Twitter login systems have failed.

GENET reported on Monday that some login systems on Twitter broke down, saying that they should not log in to other websites on Twitter.

According to the US Genet, Twitter’s Text 2 certification (2FA) began to break down on the 14th. Dillon Musk also announced on the 15th that it offers a microservices bloatware on Twitter.

Zidane pointed out that one or more services of microservices blot wears were essential for 2FA using text messages. It is explained that the 2FA set to protect the account from the hacker by removing the bloatware is no longer working properly.

Ian Cold Water Kubernetes Security Cooperative said on Twitter, Microservices, which delivers SMS-based 2FA code, has failed, he said. He said.

The cold water was recommended to keep the login state and to change the 2FA method from the text message to an email or authentication app, or a physical security key.

Cold Water also said that he should use Twitter to check the site he logged in and immediately replace it with a different login.

If you have any other sites or apps connected to your Twitter account through OAuth, I strongly recommend changing right now. It is explained that using another site on Twitter for single sign-on (SSO) can be blocked on that site.

As Dillon Musk recently acquired Twitter, all the company’s major executives were fired or left. On the 10th, LIA Kisser, the chief information security officer of Twitter, also resigned. After the resignation of LIA Kisser, the number of people in charge of Twitter’s security has been unknown, raising concerns about Twitter’s security system.