Experimental Game Festival Out of Index, December 3rd

Experimental Game Festival Out of Index (OSI) Steering Committee has released the official OSI 2022 selection.


OSI is an experimental game festival that focuses on developers’ creation and experiments rather than marketability and popularity. Beginning in 2014, OSI 2022, which has celebrated its eighth year this year, is a festival that exhibits experimental game works from all over the world and can interact with developers and visitors of the works. Korea’s Game Studio Single Core Games, Hi Pink, and Turtle Cream are co-hosted by the festival.

The planning team selected 10 official selections this year. The list of selection is as follows.

Selected games can be played directly at OSI 2022, which will be held in Munrae-dong All That Mind on December 3rd. This year, OSI 2021 selection works, which were held online in the Corona 19 situation, will also be presented on the spot. On the day of the festival, the Internet live broadcasting flats will be sent to Twitch, including Q & A with developers, selection reviews, and streamers’ gameplay.

This event is a paid visit event, and is currently conducting a tumble buck sponsorship project that can receive festival tickets and various goods. Festival tickets can be purchased on the day of the event. This event is sponsored by Smile gate Stove. For more information about the event, please visit the OSI website.