LOL: Crusaders eSports and eclipse gaming triumph to reach Supercopa Entel semifinals

The second day of clashes of the Playoffs phase of the Supernova Enter between the Chilean squads seeks Because it is a double elimination bracket and many of the teams have already lost their additional life.

Starting with the Duel of Furious Gaming against New stars, things would take an interesting course because the skull managed advantage would remain from his side to make the difference that turned off the brightness of the stars.

The second battle would be of Movistar Optic against Santiago Wanderers who would have a Cabinet on stage that managed to take an Matrix in his possession with which he would dominate the upper lane to have an important advantage of gold that would use against the rivals to be able to Keep climbing and being unbeatable frontal line that gave SW the victory in a forceful way.

For the third cruciate duel eSports faces Maze Gaming knowing that both teams have given a pretty good performance throughout the year, and now they have to fight to advance in the upper bracket but Emits would be the key piece of the encounter with a Kai´sat hat He would dominate the battles with his murderous instinct to be able to make the rivals fall strongly and leave things with a victory for CE.

Closing the day we see a confrontation of metagaming against eclipse gaming with a fairly even map where neither team wanted Being able to climb in a good way and be very effective during team fights to have the victory.


Concluding things in this way we have defined the following clashes within the Chilean competition, with only two lower bracket duels of better one of one remaining to advance the best of three who will put the rivals tremble, with only a few more weeks of Competition Chile’s teams are prepared to find the last instance.