How to overcome Elite Four Larry in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Throughout your adventures in the Pal dean region in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, you will eventually meet all the members of Elite Four. However, it turns out that one of the members is looking for a rematch with you. Larry, previously known as the normal type gym leader, has returned to fight with you once again as the elite Four flying specialist. Well, it’s time to punish Larry forever. So today, let’s talk how to beat Elite Four Larry in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

How to beat Larry in Pokemon Scarlet & Violets Elite Four

To facilitate things, we will discuss each of Larry’s Pokemon one by one.

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He has five Pokemon, four of which are level 59, and his final Pokemon is at level 60. The battle begins with his level 59 tropics.


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Larry’s new team is composed of flying type Pokemon, which are extremely weak to ice-type movements, electric and rock. Tropics, on the other hand, is a different case being partially grassed, which has resistance to rock and electric.

However, as compensation, it now has new weaknesses against fire, poison, bug and flying, while it is also 4 times weaker in front of ice. He doesn’t need to say it, but Tropics should give the players little or no difficulty.

Oricorio-NV. 59

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The next is the electric and flying Pokemon, oratorio. Electrical movements will not work against this particular bird. However, rock and ice movements will continue to inflict massive damage against him.

You can also use an earth-type Pokemon, which will completely cancel all electrical movements of Oratorio against you. Like Tropics, Oratorio should not cause you too many problems to deal with.

Altaria-NV. 59

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Larry’s third Pokemon is a dragon and flying type. This will be more complicated to handle, since Alt aria is a dragon part, it will resist incoming electrical movements. However, it is now weak for dragon and fairy movements, while it is also 4 times weaker for ice movements.


However, you should definitely try to defeat it as quickly as possible, since Dragon Dance knows, which will increase its attack and speed. If you use the movement about two or three times, it will become too strong to defeat it with a level of Larry’s level. Defeat Algeria as quickly as you can to get Larry’s fourth Pokemon.

Staraptor-LV. 59

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Larry did not completely abandon his normal-type gym roots, since he brought his previous Pokemon, the normal and flying type, Sta raptor. Of course, at this point you would have already fought at least with one, but here the same strategy is applied.

Sta raptor is weak for ice-type movements, electric and rock, and virtually any attack of one of these types should shoot Sta raptor without problems.

Flaming-LV. 60

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Larry should probably have kept Sta raptor as his star Pokemon, because his new star, Flaming, is far in terms of power. Flaming is normally a water and flying Pokemon, but after Larry grasses it, it now becomes a pure flying Pokemon. However, this Pokemon does not stand out in terms of statistics, and with any of the types mentioned above, players should not have difficulty defeating it. After they demolish Flaming, you will have successfully defeated the third member of Elite Four, Larry!

That is all you need to know how to overcome Elite Four Larry in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Be sure to consult our most recent guides, such as how to find and catch Mellor, how to find and catch Levee, and answer whether in the game is.

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