The best nature for Rookidee, Corvisquire and Corviknight in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet


The players have many options in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, when it comes to finding a good group of Pokémon for their team. The game has quite a lot of monsters from the previous parts of the franchise, some of which is a beginner, Corvisquera is also Coordinate. These ferocious birds can be useful in battle, but even more deadly if the players make the right choice. Nature. For players who want to save ROOKIE and its evolution for a long time, these are a few good options for their natures.

What is the best suitable for ROOKIE, Corvisquire and Corviknight in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Novice, Cervical also Coordinate return Pokémon to a series such as Outdoor, and they are surprisingly resilient, and their best characteristics are their HP, Defense and Special Defense. Since they have a good characteristic of the attack and there are no naturally learned techniques of a special attack, it would be better to choose a nature that refuses to characterize a special attack in favor of higher defense, special protection or attack.

  • mischievous (+defense, a special attack)
  • Caution (+special defense,-sub attack)

Since Rookie and its later developed forms already have a good start of assembly of tanks, some good natures that will further improve their protection and special protection, this is a mischievous and cautious, respectively.

How to choose the best nature in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

When choosing nature for any Pokémon, it is important to remember several things. The first interesting point will be the basic statistics of Pokémon. Good nature will improve its strongest basic characteristics most of the time and lower the worst. Although this is usually the case, there are some exceptions to which you should pay attention to. After looking at this statistics, look at the Monster’s movement to make sure that the chosen nature makes sense.

In some cases, for example, Pokémon statistics suggest that it would be best to increase their attack, but it would be pointless if they have no physical attack movements. In this case, it would be better to improve another characteristic, for example, a special attack.

Best Nature Map in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Nature Increased characteristics Reduced characteristics
Lonely Attack Protection
Adamant Attack Special attack
Naughty Attack Special protection
Brave Attack Speed
Brave Protection Attack
mischievous Protection Special attack
Lax Protection Special attack
Relaxed Protection Speed
Modest Special attack Attack
Insignificant Special attack Protection
Rash Special attack Special protection
Quiet Special attack Speed
Calm Special protection Attack
Delicate Special protection Protection
Caution Special protection Special attack
Daring Special protection Speed
Timid Speed Attack
Hasty Speed Protection
Cheerful Speed Special attack
Naive Speed Special protection

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