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God of War Ragnarok: All book locations in Vanaheim

In God of War Ragnarök, he may not seem like it, but Rates is a man of culture; He is not all muscle and without brain. It quickly solves riddles, has a curious mind and even reads poetry. You will find several books along your trips known as Kasia poems. While in the kingdom of origin of Freya, use this guide to help identify all reserve locations in Anaheim in God of Ragnarök war.

All the locations of Kasia’s poems books in Anaheim in God of War Ragnarök

Location of the book n. ° 1: The Southern Wilds

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Naturally, you will find this book in God of War Ragnarök during the search for the main story The Reckoning, but if you already overcome it, then you can start addressing the mystical door of The Southern Wilds.

  • Starting at the mystical door of Southern Wilds, follow the road to the north until you reach the old Anaheim market.
  • Near the center of the market there is a section of a building much higher than the rest. You can get to the top using Blades of Chaos.


  • Look down, and you will see a floor that can also break with Blades of Chaos. It is there where you can collect the first book.

Location of the book n. ° 2: The sinkholes

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Just before the main mission creature of prophecy ends, when leaving Anaheim, you will find Helga, the hound of the Fear group. Follow her to start the favor of Survival. This takes him to The Crater, a completely new area of Anaheim to explore, which in doing so will also begin the favor Quaking Hollow.

  • Complete the favor quaking hollow. You will obtain this mission naturally as you are on your way through another Scent of Survival favor.
  • After defeating Crag Jaw to complete quaking hollow, go to the back of the sand. You will see red vines. Distress them with Hex Arrows + Blades of Chaos.
  • Follow the opening to find the body of a traveler. Next to him is one of Kasia’s books, Eastern Specter.

Book#3 Location-La Jungle

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The last and last book are an organization: in the future. Nor can it be collected until you have reached the crater, which is available at the end of the main mission Prophecy creature, just before returning to Sindhi’s house.

  • Use the mystical door to travel to The Western Plains. Change the day to night before jumping through the cornice.

  • On your right you will see a small shelf. Go up and follow the road, keeping the rock wall to your right. On the way you will see a huge valley with a temple on the other side. Keep the way to get to him.
  • Upon entering the temple, it will reach a large space. Use the wall to your left to get to the other side and collect the book, an organization: in the future.

And that marks the last of the Locations in Anaheim for God of War Ragnarök. Be sure to consult our other guides on the various collectibles of the game, such as all book locations in Midgard or where to find all the flowers for The Florist Trophy in God of War Ragnarök.

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