Pokemon Scarlet Violet: Which initial is the most popular?

The ninth Pokémon Generation is between us with Scarlet and Violet. Aspirants to coaches around the world are already in the middle of the battle in the lands of Pale and, as usual, to start their adventure well each player must choose at the beginning of the game which Pokémon will accompany him for the challenge of gyms. All the initial three were revealed a long time ago, but which is the most popular among the players and fans of the franchise?

The initials of Pale


The grass kitten has been one of the most commented on social networks since its revelation, after all, it mixes two global passions: cats and Pokémon. This cat Pokémon is capricious and loves to draw attention.

  • Type: Grass
  • Skill: Overgrow


The second initial is fire type and has a very funny face. This Pokémon likes to follow his own pace and is quite relaxed. The creature is supposedly slow, but will delight coaches with their attitude and apparent good humor.

  • Type: Fire
  • Skill: Blaze


Last but not least, is the initial water. This is a duckling of tuft. This Pokémon is quite serious and vain. He can accompany the players calmly and relaxes in his epic search for the Pale gyms.

  • Type: Water
  • Skill: Torrent

What is the most popular initial of Scarlet and Violet?

Pokémon’s official Twitter account published a poll days before Scarlet’s release and Violet inviting fans to vote for which initial they liked best. The rule is simple, users of social networks should react according to their preferences:

  • A retweet for sprightly
  • A comment for Equally

The community made its choice: Fresco’s cross born personality seems to have had an effect.

When choosing an initial Pokémon, the appearance is important, but the type too. Some players will have a particular predilection for a specific type, no matter how cute the creature may seem.


And you then, which initial you chose?