Neeko, the League of Legends champion, eliminated from the game for being too broken


League of Legends, the famous Mob by Riot Games, h been subject to these lt hours of a controversy regarding one of his champions: Need. And it is that the so-called curious chameleon is able to similate the appearance of the rivals to sneak into their ranks and attack by surprise, one of their main skills most helped by the players. The problem is that lately he w able to become an obelisk of the nexus, considerably increing his offensive power and completely unbalanced the items. For this reon, Need h been eliminated from the game temporarily until those responsible can solve this bug.

Need devtates everything obelisk of the link

Thus, and thanks to this small determining-BUG, many were the players who took advantage of this dismissal of the developers through which Need w able to adopt a way for which, at first, it w not predestined. And it is that this type of towers are found in the bes of the invoked crack a guardian so that the opponents cannot sault the reappearance locations.

Because of this, their destructive power is huge and are able to eliminate any enemy in seconds. And this w the ability that Need could absorb until not long ago by transforming into one of these guard towers, which w able to overwhelm the opponents during the transformation time and opt for the balance towards his team in a perimeter.

is normal, from Riot Games they have quickly noticed the bug and have removed the character temporarily until they can fix this serious setback. For now there is no established date for the return of Need to the huge squad of League of Legends characters.