3 Director Status Dunpa reveals the 4th regional and Shin Caesure Archer

Nixon held People’s Dun pa Festival ‘2022 DNF New Dawn’ on the 26th. After finishing Dun pa’s one year and the future update, and the roadmap, which depicts, was released on the day.

Soon Myung-jin predicted the emergence of the fourth region of the Arab, Cheon-gye, and Make, including the “ Dimensions of the Testifier ”, which was added in December. In the character section, the first former muse, which uses an archer and bow from the line as a musical instrument, joins the new former Traveler, and the ‘Master’s Laboratory’ renewed ‘Code Name Gay Vols’ also appeared.

People also announced that Lee Won-man, general director, Hong Jin-hyuk Live Director, and Kim Punches, the leadership of three people lead the future of Dun pa.

  • Event: Dun pa Festival 2022 DNF New Dun (New Dawn)

  • Date: November 26, 2022 (Thu) 16: 00 ~ 18: 30 (Part 1) / ~ 21:00 (Part 2)

  • Content: Announcement of Dungeon & Fighter Update, Next Leadership Announcement

The fun of action and gimmick males have been caught.

The Lord’s Dimensional Rang will be updated in December. Soon Myung-jin said, The Dimensional Council of the Skills is a variety of gimmicks and directing that suits the transcendental being while maintaining the hit-and-run of Spins. I’m preparing to get this harmony.

When you enter the dungeon, you will encounter three of the bosses every week, and in the case of the best difficulty, it is expected to stimulate the high challenge desire comparable to the ‘Basal Raid’. As a dimensional reward of the hemp lawyers, five kinds of convergence equipment, which are equivalent to three special equipment, will be added, and will be prepared only in the fourth stage.

Director Soon Myung-jin said, The transcendental beings who meet in the dimensional corridor attack in a two-dimensional space, do a specific action to see the monster’s attack mark, or meet and encounter the past. I can.

At the dimensional sashimi, you can get 11 pieces of unique Epic equipment. Soon Myung-jin said, The additional equipment did not break down the existing equipment balance, and based on what we have learned from Dun pa operation so far, the equipment change is not large.

‘First World under the Sky’ Sung ye, Public Target for the second half of 2023

In the fourth region following the Dun pa Arab, the heavenly world, and the world, the line appears. Soon Myung-jin said that he is still planning the line. The line is the largest area in Dun pa history, he said. Specific in-game content is still difficult to speak in detail, but all developers are developing with all their efforts.

Subsequently, Jew Hyundai, the scenario team leader known as ‘Story No. 1’, introduced further about the line. Jew Hyundai, the team leader, said, The first world under the sky is a world of peaceful atmosphere, unlike the Post-Apocalypse world, and the world of magic and machines developed independently. And the second golden age ‘era of machine’ called ‘Mist punk’ was used by using the special fog of the magic as a fuel. It is scheduled.

In addition, a wizard who uses five attributes on the line setting will first appear. Existing Dun pa attributes are four attributes, painting, water, and mine cancer. Regarding whether a new attribute is added to the gameplay, Jew Hyundai said, It is not absolute.

Appeared new character archer from Sung ye

As the first former job of a senior character archer, a muse that utilizes the bow as a musical instrument appears. Director Soon Myung-jin said, It is Dun pa’s fourth buffer character who plays music with ‘Sunhyungung’, which looks like a musical instrument. We are developing to play.

Subsequently, Traveler, which uses tools with a lot of mechanical technology, will be released after the muse. Soon Myung-jin explained, As an archer of the wandering, the largest traveler association in the line, we will showcase unique combat styles using various tools based on archery techniques.

Archer’s remaining former job will be released later, and Muse plans to release it in February 2023 and Traveler in April 2023.

‘Master’s Laboratory’ Renewal ‘Code Name Gáe Bolg’ Opened in May

Master’s lab will be renewed and ‘Code Name Gay Vols’ will be reopened next May. While maintaining existing settings, stories, and scenario quests, the viewpoint is set to the situation where you arrive at Master’s laboratory before the gay ball was created. In cooperation with seven Masters, the content is carried out.

Director Soon Myung-jin said, When Master’s laboratory thought of the importance of the Dun pa setting, it was a shame to just leave the stigma and pass by. We are reorganizing so that it is possible. I think the adventurers will like it more by directing the battle with the gambol, which I just watched from afar.

Avengers, Shadow Dancer Renewal… Ear Prosecutor (Male) Dot Reorganization

Soon Myung-jin, director of the Avengers Renewal, said, The adventurers pointed out that Avengers’ demonization dot is a little old. I’m preparing. Avengers’ devil shoes, new movements and skills will be improved.

Shadow dancers improve some of the settings that are disadvantaged in fighting with many enemies. Soon Myung-jin said, When the shadow dancer setting was many monsters, there was a situation that was not intuitive. In addition, the shadow dancing shadow and the delay of the hit decision, so that it was inconvenient to adjust to make it possible to play smoothly.

Ear inspection (male) dot renewal is scheduled to be updated in the second half of 2023. Soon Myung-jin said, When it changes, it has to be changed at once, so the weapons location and skill form are all changing, so it’s a huge work.

Story season classification up to 100 levels, Dun pa Chronicles

The stories and growth sections from level 1 to level 100 are renewed and divided into 12 seasons according to the theme and subject. Through the season, it will be compressed to make it easier to understand Dun pa Story in a big trend, and to reinforce the narrative and settings, so that the story is not missed in the training process.

In addition, the Dun pa Chronicle work is carried out so that the vast Dun pa worldview can be seen at a glance. Before and after the adventurer’s emergence, the events are summarized in the form of a timeline, and the events and stories that exist in the setting help to connect the links such as related webtoons and web stories to help to identify more extended information.

Add the general mode of ‘reverse storm of storms’, strengthen advanced dungeon tickets

Director Soon Myung-jin said, The storm reversal is a new master difficulty so that the equipment growth can be assisted to a higher level. We will add a general mode that uses Ryan Core as an entrance fee for users.

If you strengthen the admission tickets for advanced dungeons, five effects are applied in the form of buffs. Specifically, it consists of four additional drop effects and one character reinforcement, which makes it a little different even if you go around the same dungeon every time through the fun of acquiring additional items and buff effects on the character itself. Tickets can be strengthened using Ryan Core items, and for convenience, the ticket is automatically strengthened when the material is carried out without any reinforcement work.

Improvement of core convenience, more convenient Dun pa

Soon said that Dun pa’s convenience improvement is the most important part of the service, as he said that it is scheduled to be updated in the roadmap earlier. He told him that it was to gather and reflect the various opinions of the adventurer, and then handed over the details to Kim Daewoo, who is in charge of improving convenience.

Kim Daewoo developed a variety of convenience elements such as wide mode development and loading time improvement, and many developers are trying to play smooth gameplay.

People is currently preparing three main convenience improvement factors.

First, we are preparing to be able to use it immediately without taking out the gold and power of power in the safe. This reduces the inconvenience of finding and out of the goods when the adventurer who plays several characters is growing or fused. If you put goods in your account safe, you can use it directly in option growth, transfer, convergence, or transmission without having to find or take out.

In addition, during the cooperative play process, other adventurer items or setting information can be added at a glance. In particular, the convergence item has been difficult to check because the icon is currently overwhelmed, but after the application of the convenience, it is easy to check the information such as the name, optional level, and enchant before the convergence with one or two operations. It is expected to be useful when preparing for raid settings or arranging.

The equipment tool tips can be checked in detail to check the items of the item. Kim Daewoo, a developer, said that there is an inconvenience, such as searching a separate site or organizing the contents with Excel.

New features are also added to Dun pa ON. Add the ability to easily search which characters, custom options, etc. are in your account. The Point Exchange adds pure golden amplifiers and Master Clay to be purchased for a limited time.

Run said he will increase the communication channel since then, and he will quickly reflect the feedback of the users.

Advanced Dungeon Tickets, benefits are large and the procedure is simply

Strengthening advanced dungeons aims to increase the fun of the advanced dungeon play, not the increase in goods. Reinforcement consumes Ryan Core so that it does not put a big burden on the player.

The core of the advanced dungeon ticket is ‘the gain is great, and the procedure is simply.’

Advanced Dungeon Tickets offer five effects in the form of buffs. The four effects consist of the additional drop effect of the item, and the other consists of character reinforcement elements. The effect itself is different depending on the situation, but the effects that are helpful enough to play can be added to the same fun as the fun of acquiring the item can be different with different buffs.

Simple procedures can be found in strengthening tickets. As a convenience element that can automatically use the goods in the safe, the process of strengthening the ticket itself is omitted in the game. If you have materials in the tory, the ticket will automatically strengthen. In addition, the reinforcement effect is applied to each individual, so you do not have to worry about the strengthening effect of other party members. It is also possible to enjoy the game with a party who has strengthened the ticket and a party that does not.

Improvement for new adventurers, return users

Run said that many users say that much have been improved and have been improved, but there are still many users who think they are still difficult and cumbersome.

People saw that there is not enough fun before the Spins section, and there are also users who are difficult to reach. In particular, when I reviewed the entire structure again, I decided that the hurdles were high before the interval section of Spins.

Simplifying the previous section can solve the problem right now, but the growth rate is faster, but the growth itself cannot be fun, so the fundamental problem is not solved. Along with the short-term improvement to quickly catch it, we are planning a mid-to long-term improvement plan.


First, the difficulty of the advanced dungeon is lowered. Instead of making existing content easily and making the content boring, the clearing is quickly adjusted and shortened patterns that take time to keep the clearing quickly. Since there is a raid, it is not necessary to have a high dungeon difficulty.

There is also a plan to add advanced dungeons by reconstructing the monster pattern and resources of Noblesse Code Dungeon. The existing Noblesse Code was the same as a dungeon that there was no beginner adventurer, as the character needed a high-spec in four characters. In fact, many players’ growth stops and stagnates in this section. Along with a new advanced dungeon, the improvement described above will be helpful for beginner adventurers.

We are also preparing to solve the cost problems necessary for growth. In the advanced dungeons, the development team plans to drop the burden of berries by dropping more Golden Berlin, while also dropping resonance equipment in Heroes mode and improving mission rewards.

Step 1 Improved Spins

It is also planning to improve after making it easier to enter Spins. I went to Spins hard, and I confirmed the adventurer who was out of play because it was difficult to play, Soon said.

However, the development team judged that Spins should not be solved by simply lowering difficulty like a higher dungeon because it is Legion. Therefore, with the goal of indirect control, it is changed so that the coin can be used small quantities in a limited level of one stage. This change will be applied to the dimensional association of the hemp.

Legion is not recommended to play solo, but it is not easy to find buffers at a low-spec party. In the first level of difficulty, correction will be added to be cleared even if the dealer parties can be cleared. In addition, as the first stage convergence equipment material itself is forced to challenge more than two levels, the number of drops of fusion equipment is raised to 20, the same as the second stage. Instead, it is improved by increasing the number of accounts in three stages and still leaving the merit.

In the mid-to long-term, it is considering the smart drop of drops higher than the level equipment I have to a certain option level, and the addition of set equipment eliminated for freedom of setting. However, this long-term plan is not a confirmed part, and the schedule is also undecided, and it is impossible to be sure how it will be applied to the game.

Soon wants to quickly improve all difficulty, but the balance is approaching both the time and form carefully as many players can damage even if they touch a little wrong.

However, the certain part is to create multiple routes so that the player can select or combine the way the player wants, without force the play method. He also said he would try to make it fun wherever you choose.

King Difficulty and Mercenary Add’Arab Adventure Season 4′

As there was a need of users about the top content in line with the 110th season, Arab Adventure Season 4 will add King Difficulty and New Battle.

The character reputation has increased significantly, but as the mercenary reputation has been fixed, the overall balance patch is made. The upper grade mercenaries are added, and the mercenary collection is also provided to enjoy the collection of mercenaries collected so far.

The newly added Noblesse Code Configuration will provide the 110-level seasonal goods and items, and the parts needed to be played will be updated.

Thing’s Gift, 10+11+12

Thing’s gift that provides a variety of goods to help growth. This time, a gift containing 10, 11, 12 is provided.

Level 110 Golden Capsules, 105LV Epic 11 full set boxes and 12-round 8 reinforcement source weapons selection boxes are provided.

Dun pa, now as a three-person director system

Soon was recently appointed as CEO of People. As a result, the number of tasks to be handled has increased. In particular, despite the fact that there are many contents to be decided in the Dun pa service process, it is not courtesy of adventurers to take care of the time for a while.

As many developers prepared together on the day, Soon said that the director will take a step back with other roles such as the general PD and the new directors will lead the team. However, the new decision is not changed to another form, and he will also share his opinions and work together to develop games.

Following the general manager of Soon Myung-jin, three directors, Lee Won-man, Director, Hong Jin-hyuk, and Kim Punches, will be responsible for the future of Dun pa.

Lee Won-man, general manager, participated in the development of content until the 2017 Female Print Update, and was again called by the PC Dun pa team to develop and improve various contents. Hong Jin-hyuk, director of Live, has only been in Dun pa for more than 10 years. He plans to help the general manager to identify the inconvenience of the users and provide updates and events in a timely manner to provide a pleasant service. For more than 10 years, Kim Punches, who has been in charge of various national services, including Korea, has been in charge of the game contents and presented various contents with Soon Myung-jin’s return.

Soon said he wanted to provide a more interesting Dun pa and a long-standing Dun pa, and he would try to achieve his dream with three directors.

On the other hand, Lee promised to provide additional compensation and said on December 1 that he will deliver various resources necessary for character growth through the official website event page.