LOL: Tier List 12.22 with guide to the best lol champions

Whether you are a newbie or veteran in League of Legends, it is common sense that some champions are stronger than others. Sometimes for numbers, sometimes for goal reasons. With so many changes made to each lol update, see Tier Lists is a good way to know what is strong and what you can often find in matches.


In practice, all champions are playable. However, some of them have a much higher victory rate than others, either for recent buffs or because they are more affordable and easy to play. In addition, it is not always a direct change that makes Win Rate a character change-items, runes or changes in other champions can also impact the overall performance of a choice.

Identifying which champion currently dominates the goal in his position is not always easy, especially since different builds and runes can drastically influence the effectiveness of a pick. What works for professional players is not always a good option for players who just want to go up on the ranked link.

This is why we elaborate and maintain a tier list of best updated champions with each patch, which aims to classify the characters from each position. See here the best patch choices 12.22.


  • Easy to use champion
  • Moderately complex champion
  • Hard to use champion

Best Top Champions in Solo Queue

Best jungle champions in solo queue

Best middle champions in solo queue

Best Champions Shooter in Solo Queue

Best Champions Support in Solo Queue

Note: This tier list is directed more to players with medium or low level (up to platinum).