Sand shows up on PS5 with a few additions

Having triggered a sensation for his visual universe very highly motivated by the illustrations by Jean Giraud (Möbius), sand gets here on PS5 a year after its release on PC and Xbox.
Exploration game with superb environments, Sand had a hard time encouraging initially due to lots of bugs at launch.


Correctives helping, Shed works’ video game has actually handled to trace its course in the dunes and find its audience.
Exclusive to the PC and consoles in the Xbox range, this adventure in a universe highly inspired by Möbius arrived at PlayStation 5. This journey to a new reception land is not alone.

In addition to this additional platform, NETWORKS at the same time broadcasts an update for all the makers which includes a fishing activity and the possibility of exposing its fish captured in the vivarium, alongside bugs.
Likewise, you can make known to the world your talents as a guard of roach through an unmatched and dedicated mask.