How to defeat Larry from an elite four in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Larry, the leader of the normal type of Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, is also a member of the elite four.
He uses a flying type Pokémon for his match of an elite four, which is a direct contradiction of a normal type of weakness, a combat type.
During this battle, he will use five Pokémon with the highest level of 60 for assessing the champion. This is all that players should know about Larry’s battle for the elite four in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

How to win the elite four larry in pokémon Scarlet & Violet

The team of the elite four larry in pokémon Scarlet & Violet belongs to the flying type, which gives the players a reliable way to confront them.

The use of ice type movements is a simple way to destroy the entire Larry team, since each of his Pokémon is weak in front of them.
Unlike battles with non-monk, click or penny, where many switching may be required, players can absolutely use one Pokémon for the battle with Larry.
His team includes:
Level 59 tropius-grass/flight, weak against ice, fire, stone, flight and poison with air section, sunlight, dragon pulse and sunny day.
Level 59 Orikorio-electric/flying, weak against stone and ice with the dance of revelation, chopping air, icy wind and swinging.
Level 59 Alt aria is a dragon/flying, weak against ice, fairies, stone and dragon with a dragon pulse, a lunar explosion, a flamethrower and an icy beam.
The level 59 is old-normal/flying, weak to stone, electricity and ice with a brave bird, facade, near battle and thief.
Level 60 of the Flamo-flight/fight against flying a type, weak against ice, stone and electricity after metallization with a brave bird, a near battle, a blow to the throat and liquidation.
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Tropics is not a particular threat and can even be used as a chance for preparation with the help of dance of swords, X-objects or any other movements that increase characteristics.
His biggest threat is SLAR Beam.
If he does not use a sunny day to double his speed due to his ability, chlorophyll, and make the sunlight become a movement in one move, it is easy to win by any movement of the ice type.
Oratorio can slow the Pokémon players with the help of ice wind and confuse them with the help of a swing dance.
Players should be careful not to use any dance movements, since Oratorio will use the same movement as his usual attack in the same move due to his ability dancer.
Alt aria, like Tropics, receives four times more damage from ice-type attacks, and it is easy enough to win.
His set of movements hides his weaknesses, but it is rather a defensive Pokémon than offensive.
Sta raptor is the biggest threat in the team, and when turned on, it reduces the Pokémon attack indicator due to its ability to intimidate.
He has a decent speed, he is able to move the first against most Pokémon and apply great damage by any movement.
Flamingo will immediately use CRYSTALLIZE and will apply a lot of damage using Brave Bird.
He does not have many attacks as Creator, but he inflicts much more damage after realization.
He can hit the types of ghosts with close combat due to his ability, Scrappy and stop the sound movements of the Pokémon, such as Torch Song and Hyper Voice using Throat Chop.
Pokémon that can overtake it and destroy it with one blow, for example, Heavily, is recommended to effectively cope with it.


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