Parusan special dish and how to cook it in Genshin Impact

Tarzan is a scientist of Hara vat, whose work was quite influential to influence certain topics in the modern academy.
Having trapped puzzles in a trap for 100 years, she returned to the academy with many ancient knowledge in her arsenal.
A special dish of Madame Tarzan is called the traditional aligns pie, prepared on the charcoal, a type of ad of adhesive, prepared on the coals of a hundred years ago.

How to get a recipe for a special barman dish in Genshin Impact

You can buy a recipe for an ad of an ad of an adhesive pie, baked on charcoal, in the Lambada tavern next to the southern point of the teleport in the city of Pier.
Talk to Lambda to open the store menu.


You can buy a recipe for an ad of an ad of an adhesive pie baked on charcoal, for 5,000 Moreira one-time purchase that will allow you to cook as much as you want.

How to prepare a traditional aligned pie, baked on charcoal, in Genshin Impact

You can prepare a traditional Angeles Cake on Charts on any stove using Tarzan.
Unfortunately, it is impossible to prepare a special dish if you have not pulled it out.
Interact with any bonfire or stove to open the cooking menu and choose an adhesive cake for coal-to-cake, you can prepare from the following ingredients:
x2 Adderley walnut
x1 flour
x1 jam can be cooked using Sweet Flowers.
If Tarzan prepares an Advelhenah coal cake, a chance for it to prepare an Advelhenah cake, prepared according to a traditional recipe.
The exact speed of cooking special dishes is unknown, but it works both in manual and automatic cooking modes.

The difference between the adhesive cake baked on the coals, and the traditional adhesive cake prepared on the coals in Genshin Impact

Both of these recipes will revive the chosen character and restore part of his health.
Adherence’s pie on charcoal-revives the character and restores 900/1200/1500 HP.
The traditional dignity pie on the charcoal-revives the character and restores 20 percent of the maximum HP, then restores an additional 1,500 HP.
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