6 Ways Cristiano Ronaldos New Girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez Could Impact His Game

The World Cup is in its final stages and Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal have been knocked out. For the 33-year-old, this means he has not fulfilled his dream of winning the World Cup with his national side. Perhaps it’s even more painful because it was his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez who spoke out against Cristiano Ronaldo’s behavior in the aftermath of Portugal’s loss to Morocco.

Georgina Rodriguez, girlfriend of Portugal’s superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, spoke openly with an upset statement just a couple of hours after Portugal’s bitter end worldwide Cup quarter-finals against Morocco (0-1).
In it, she lets up steam.
The goal of their poison arrows is none aside from coach Fernando Santos.
Your event is clear: your enjoyed one’s reservist role.
Due to the fact that Ronaldo needed to see from the bank for a very long time how the Portuguese internationals bitten their teeth on the surprise winner from Africa.
The 37-year-old entered play just in the 51st minute, might not tear the helm around.
The outcome: after the bitter bankruptcy, Ronaldo vanished into the cabin.
From the dream of the World Cup title!
It should have been completion of the international profession.
Rodriguez does not desire to let this rest on him and lets her disappointment run wild.
In the instructions of Santos, she pests on Instagram.
She does not save with sharp criticism-on the contrary.
With Ronaldo, he put the strongest weapon on the bench and replaced too late.
Today your pal and coach made a bad decision. This friend for whom you have so lots of words of admiration and regard, writes the 28-year-old.


The best player worldwide need to not be ignored, Rodriguez stated.
You can’t defend somebody who didn’t deserve it, she blogged about Santos.
Life gives us lessons.
The Ronaldo good friend had followed the game in the Al-Thumama Stadium.

not the first public scolding of the Ronaldo good friend

Santos spoke out after the end and mentioned not to be sorry for that he had just brought the superstar off the bank again: Cristiano is an excellent gamer and entered into play when we considered it required.
The 68-year-old was also omitting a resignation.
Rodriguez needs to not like these words at all.
Since it is not the very first time that Ronaldo’s partner runs versus the nationwide coach Storm.
Currently, in the round of 16 against Switzerland, she had actually publicly grumbled about the superstar’s joker function.
It’s a pity that we could not delight in the very best player in the world for 90 minutes, she wrote on Instagram.
While the eleven gamers sang the hymn, all eyes were on you. The fans did not stop demanding your dedication and calling your name.
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