The Last Spell

The Last Spell is a single player, first-person, story-driven game set in the land of Ashen. You are a member of the last remaining family with magic powers, and you must find a way to save your people from being swallowed up by the darkness. The game features high quality graphics created with Unreal Engine 4 that are as realistic as possible, while also helping to create scenes that will make you feel like you’re really there in person!

Offered in early access given that June 3, 2021, The Last Spell should see the launch of its version 1.0 arrive during the very first quarter 2023. However, if until then the tactical role-playing game published by The Arcade Team was restricted to Steam, its release in
2023 will mark the title of the title on consoles.


Thus, it will also have PlayStation versions in addition to a Switch version.
In The Last Spell, the world is bad.

For several years, he has been prey to an extremely lethal war.
But while mages tried to put an end to the dispute, they really triggered cataclysm, a phenomenon having actually sown mayhem and damage.
Now a cursed fog is full of savage creatures, Sadat on ravaged regions.
In all this mayhem, you discover yourself needing to handle and defend the last bastion of humanity.
If your nights will be composed of fights versus the monsters with your burrow, your days, they will be used to arrange the defenses.
Without forgetting to offer the city its Danton elegance.
The waves of Dennis will enchained, night after night, and it will be essential to do whatever to protect the city.
In any case till your mages manage to release a last spell to try to conserve the world, The Last Spell.


Attributes of The Last Spell