Buy PS5 before Christmas: PlayStation 5 at O2 immediately available. If you want to buy the PS5 before Christmas –

It is only a matter of days before O2 will release the PlayStation 5. As you plan your next game console, it is worth considering where to buy the PlayStation 5 before Christmas.

A PlayStation 5 as a Christmas existing under the tree?
It is not that easy to do that.
The PS5 can be acquired online occasionally, yet at the end of January 2023 is provided as a shipment day.
It is various with O2: The sought after Sony console is right away offered from the mobile driver.
O2 supplies the PS5 in the package with the top-notch mobile phone Sony Opera 1 IV and an O2 mobile radio tariff.
We supply all details regarding the offer that uses as long as stocks last.

Sony Opera 1 IV with PS5 as well as O2 contract

At O2 in the bundle and also quickly offered: Sony Opera 1 IV and also the PS5 Disc Edition.
Source: o2
If you desire to get a brand-new top smart device with a contract and also the PS5 soon prior to Christmas, you will find an appealing package offer at O2.
The Sony Opera 1 IV (RAP EUR 1,199) and the Sony PlayStation 5 Disc Version (RRP 549 EUR) are quickly offered in link with an O2 mobile radio agreement.
The Sony duo can be repaid in 24, 36 or 48 months.
Depending on the damaged installation payment and the favored tariff, the down settlement and the total up to be paid monthly.
If you take your telephone number with you, you will certainly receive 100 euros in exchange bonus offer.
All agreement information can be discovered on the deal web page on O2.

What does the O2 mobile radio tariff deal in this offer?

O2 links the PS5 and also the Sony Opera 1 IV mobile phone with a tariff O2 Free or O2 Grow.
The most affordable tariff o2 complimentary m is glans 20 GB high-speed data quantity with max. 300 Bit/s in the 4G LTE and 5G network.
O2 Grow, on the various other hand, provides 40 GB high-speed quantity and each year 10 GB/month.

Even endless data quantity provides the tariff O2 Free Unlimited Smart (max. 10 Bit/s) and O2 Free Unlimited Max (max. 500 Bit/s).
In all tariffs, an all net level rate for telephone and also SMS is included in all German networks.
The O2 Free M tariff additionally provides EU roaming.
All agreement details can be found on the deal page on O2.

What distinguishes the smartphone Sony Opera 1 IV?

The Sony Opera 1 IV, which can be purchased from O2 in the bundle with the PS5, is a TOP 5G mobile phone with 6.5-inch OLED screen with 4K UHD resolution, HDR and also 120 Hz refresh price.
The triple video camera with a stepless optical zoom provides remarkable mass quality and also many thanks to the T coating reduces representations for first-class playback and also fantastic contrast.
The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 CPU and 12 GB RAM make the Sony Opera 1 IV one of the fastest Android smart devices.


All attributes as well as technological information of the Sony Opera 1 IV can be found on the offer page at O2.
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