Death Stranding, Hideo Kojimas Last Work Will Be Adapted To Cinema

Death Stranding, Video Kolyma’s last work, will have an adaptation to cinema as Deadline has confirmed.
The American media explains that Kolyma Productions has been associated with Hammer stone Studios and will have as producers Kolyma himself and Alex Ebonics.
The latter is easy to locate as producer of Barbarian, the horror film released only a few months ago and that has been commented especially in networks for its approach to the tension and its commendable atmosphere.

I couldn’t be more excited about this new association with Hammer stone Studios, said Kolyma.


This is a crucial moment for the franchise, and I am looking forward to collaborating with them to take Death Stranding to the big screen.
We are delighted, and we are honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with the brilliant and emblematic Video Kolyma in his first film adaptation, Ebonics added.
«Unlike other large-budget video games adaptations, this will be something much more intimate and realistic.
Our goal is to redefine what can be an adaptation of a video game when you have creative and artistic freedom.
This film will be an authentic Video Kolyma production.
With the obvious interest of Kolyma in the cinematographic and the various approaches he has made between this industry and that of video games, it seems a causal consequence rather than casual (which can raise the occasional easy joke about whether some of his games were already movies
In any case, it will be interesting to see how a premise as particular and unique in its kind as that of Death Stranding adapts to the cinema.
Interestingly, the news comes shortly after knowing that it had already been 10 million people who had been able to try the Kolyma Productions game, although the most relevant thing came a week ago during the Gala de The Game Awards 2022. There was announced Death Stranding 2, a sequel that will be published on PS5 on a date still to be determined that came through a spectacular teaser that did not advance too much, beyond the presence of Léa Seydoux, Norman Reeds, Elle Fanning, Shield Krishna and Troy Baker.
For now, it has not been confirmed if this cast of actors will also be in the adaptation to the cinema.