God of War Comes To Amazon: Prime Series Leaves Fan

The newest series of the successful video game series God of War is coming to Amazon Prime Video. However, it doesn’t have Rates as the main focus like in all the other games, it’s his son ATREUS and this has caused a lot of mixed reactions.

The successful video game series God of War around Kratos-and now his son ATREUS-becomes the series at Prime Video.
According to the very first reports, Amazon has now officially okayed, the work is expected to run.
The strategies are well received by many fans, however there is also a drop of bitterness.

God-of-War series confirmed: Prime Video struck

Amazon Prime Video brings the history of the war god Rates from the video game series God of War as a serial adjustment.
The streaming service has now formally done this:
In addition to Amazon, Sony Pictures, PlayStation Productions and the video game designers of the Antonia Studios are stated to be on board (source: The Hollywood Reporter).
The series has actually been working on the series given that the strategies.
Race Judging, who likewise composed for the Uncharted adjustment, is said to appear as a program runner.
Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby-both Oscar-nominated and worked together on the first part of Iron Man-are responsible for executing manufacturers and for the script.
The casting is not yet understood.
Fans have actually long since taken on and bring John Travolta into play as Rates: amongst others:
At the current because the Grease star has actually moved the advertising drum for the most current part of the game series, this wanted line-up is no longer an insider idea.
It is unlikely that the 68-year-old actor of the very physical role could still do justice to the extremely physical function.

It is currently clear that the series will be based on the 2018 God-of-War title.
They wish to show the father-son story and their journey through the icy, mythical north-and the fights versus beasts of all kinds and one or the other God, according to Amazon
Enjoy the deal from Prime Video at Amazon.


no storm on Olympus?

Amazon series starts Erato’s history in the north
The plans for fans from the really starting expose a drop of bitterness: With the setting in the north and the focus on the history of Rates and ATREUS, all predecessors who made God of War fall under the table.
The new part of God of War Ragnarök plays according to the occasions of the series:
God of War Ragnarök: Introduce Trailer for PS5 & PS4
It is not necessarily offset.
With its predecessors, the God-of-War series provides a great deal of material for prequels or spinoffs for the 2018 reboot.
However, this is presently pure speculation and will primarily be because of the success of the upcoming series.
It doesn’t have a start date yet.
It is most likely that Rates and ATREUS will pertain to Prime Video at the earliest in 2025.