Sennheiser G4ME One Gaming Headset Review: The Best Gaming Headset Around?

The gaming headset of the German audio specialist is a top-seller in the gaming-headset segment. For good reason: It combines well-known high standards with a tempting price and an exquisite design.

With the EPOS Sennheiser G4Me One, has an effectively rated gaming headset on deal.
The price is so excellent: The headset for gamers from the German audio expert Sennheiser is available in the MediaMarkt online look for only 79.99 euros instead of 179 euros RRP.
According to the rate contrast, the headset was not yet as low-cost and otherwise expense 89.90 euros, if at all.
Other traders require substantially more and, meanwhile, currently only begin from 105 euros consisting of shipping expenses for the design.

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this uses the gaming headset

According to the producer, the wired stereo headset legendary Sennheiser G4Me One with open acoustics assures accurate natural sound and high-fidelity audio.
The micro, which is muted by raising the microphone arm, ought to be easy to adjust for optimum swimmer recording and minimizes background noise for acoustic clearness.
The ear-enhancing design of the large ear pads made of velour and cushioned header is meant to make sure optimum convenience for long video gaming sessions, while the robust mechanics and the style need to guarantee long toughness.
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evaluations and test

Excellent evaluations: On, the design received approximately 4.9 out of 5 stars in 15 reviews.
Above all, the great noise and high comfort are applauded, while occasionally the proud price and in one case the wear of the ear cups are grumbled.
In the test: The site has actually provided a score of great 93 percent and judges as follows:

We can respond to the concern asked in the intro with a clear yes!.
Yes, even in 2022 (nearly four years after the market launch), the Video Game One of EPOS Sennheiser can totally convince.

The audio product is still passionate about a stable and light design, the perfect acoustics and likewise the microphone quality to please.

The detachable audio cable televisions and the pleasant convenience are even more perfect sales arguments for our test pattern.
clear purchase recommendation!
stable and tidy craftsmanship
HIFI style
enjoyable weight
high comfort
clear heights and presents in the middle
Great microphone
Sufficiently long and interchangeable audio cable television
likewise suitable for consoles and wise gadgets
reasonable rate
Bass could be a bit stronger
Microphone not removable
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