Hertha Berlin: Why Kay Bernsteins Decision To Replace Fredi Bobic Is A Bold Move

We are far away from the reality that we will diverge in the conflict. It was an open conversation last night, stated Bernstein, who picked his words precisely.
Fred BBC came to Berlin in 2021. These conditions have altered considerably in the past year and a half. We still have to reorganize economically, said Bernstein, and the improvement process that Fred and his group initiated, go on, but with a different way.

First, as a precaution, Kay Bernstein asked: This is my very first interview in this type, stated Bertha BSC President on Sunday afternoon, and after that it was one that was difficult.
One day after the unexpected out of sports managing director Fred BBC, the Berliners not only provided the succession strategy, but also described why BBC had to go.
Eventually there is an end. We are far away from the fact that we will diverge in the disagreement. It was an open conversation last night, said Bernstein, who selected his words exactly.
The separation of BBC a few hours after the derby defeat against Union Berlin on Saturday night was no short-circuit response, stressed Bernstein.
We fell well. It would likewise have concerned this decision despite play.

BBC had taken the choice factually, unemotional,, but likewise shocked.

Fred BBC pertained to Berlin

What exactly did the sports manager dour?
For us, it was a duty in the committees to make a strategic modification of course, said Bernstein.
Fred BBC came to Berlin in 2021. These conditions have actually changed substantially in the past year and a half. We are far away from looking forward or up.
Bertha threatens to relegate and has financial construction sites.
We still need to restructure economically, stated Bernstein, and the change process that Fred and his team started, go on, however with a different method. And the other method is a take a look at reality. It is for us
Extremely important to state that it is not an active choice against Fred BBC, but an active, conscious decision for a Hertha-Weg. A choice to which our financial structure forces us a bit.

100 percent backing for black

With Benjamin Weber as the new sports director and Andreas Zeke Bettendorf as a link between the license and the academy area, 2 whole blood-Herthaner now take control of.
We have to make a virtue out of need. We have among the very best in our nation with the academy, which is our main structure in our club, emphasized Bernstein.
BBC’s farewell has no consequences for coach Sandro Schwarz.
This morning I personally notified the team with Sandro to get the players, said Bernstein.


In addition, of course, we likewise talked to the coaching team and conveyed our one hundred percent support.