Hertha BSC Announces Successor To Fredi Bobic: Benjamin Weber Takes Over As s Director

It’s about Bertha BSC, not about Fred BBC. We have supported the consideration on the supervisory board. We hope that these things reasonable.

+++ This continues with Bertha BSC +++.

We have one of the very best in the country with the academy. The approach of considering is that we are going consistently. And more the Hertha-DNA-this burning day. We are convinced that we have somebody with Benjamin Weber.
Benny suggested Zeke Bettendorf as a link head of the academy/license area. It is not a panic reaction and would also have come to this decision regardless of play..

+++ Bernstein delivers justification +++.

The committees were responsible for taking a strategic change of course. Fred BBC came to Berlin under other conditions. We are far from looking up. Fred and his group have actually started a change process. We continue, but with us, but with.
Another method, with an appearance at truth. It is very important to us to tell that it is not a choice against Fred, but a decision for a Bertha course..

+++ Bernstein offers statement +++.

This is definitely not easy. I would get going with Fred BBC and his team for the work done.
I sent our backing to the coaching team. We are persuaded of the approach..

+++ It starts +++.

Journalism conference in Berlin begins in these minutes.
Bertha President Kay Bernstein, together with the Presidium associates, will ask himself all questions about Bobcats.

+++ Bertha Sasses Bobic-how could it get that far?

With high expectations, Fred BBC concerned Bertha as the successor to the veteran supervisor Michael Preeti for the 2021/22 season.
BBC re-established the association, brought a great deal of fresh staff from his previous club Eintracht Frankfurt, to name a few things.
In regard to, the Bertha was also permanently in the transfer fight under BBC.
Sandro Schwarz is already the fourth Bertha coach in his short-term.
After three beats for the Bundesliga restart and slipping to 17th place, BBC needed to go.
Eventually, ing development under BBC was a disappointment.
The 51-year-old produced a major transfer of transfer for financial needs, however he likewise got a lot of his brand-new commitments.

+++ Bertha legend Tick Bettendorf in discussion +++.

According to media reports, a BBC follower ought to currently be selected: According to Build and 1, this need to be fan favorite Andreas Zeke Bettendorf.
The 47-year-old played for Bertha for a long time, was currently an assistant coach prior to the then primary coach Pal Cardie was launched in November 2021.
By BBC by the method.
Bettendorf, together with the former head of the Bertha Academy, Benjamin Weber, is to handle ing duty.
It is clear that Bertha is currently based on stringent monetary constraints.
To what degree you likewise have to pay BBC, must be one of the questions at journalism conference this Sunday.

Coach Sandro Schwarz does not have to fret about his job at Bertha BSC after the separation from s managing director Fred BBC.
In a press conference, club president Kay Bernstein stressed: I spoke out our 100 % backing for the coaching team.
Together with Schwarz, he likewise informed the gamers on Sunday early morning.
Benjamin Weber, as the brand-new s director, will take on tasks by the s supervisor Fred BBC, which was launched by his tasks.
Dirk Duffer remains with the penultimate table as a squad coordinator.
Weber is likewise supported by the former Bertha professional Andreas Bettendorf.
The message about the unexpected Bobic-Aaus had been sent out by Bertha simply a few hours after the brand-new defeat in the capital city derby versus 1. FC Union Berlin (0: 2) on Saturday evening.
BBC was launched from his jobs with instant effect.

bobic-out no reaction on the derby insolvency

The 51-year-old has just been with Bertha since the summer of 2021.
It was not a short-circuit reaction, none out of panic, however well-felled, said Bernstein.
The choice was made no matter the output of the derby.
Due to the 3rd defeat in the third video game in the new year, Bertha remains with 14 points in the penultimate place in the table.
I would not have actually thought that I would return to my club so rapidly, said Weber, who stopped almost a year ago as head of the youth academy.
In overall, the now 42-year-old had actually worked for the club in various positions for 18 years.
After that time, he changed off a bit, however also did a lot.
I discovered the way back well. It was like coming home, stated Weber, not without pointing out the big difficulties.
I burn it, said Weber and included to the end of the transfer window on Tuesday: Naturally this is a topic, since it is still possible to see what is possible.
All declarations from the Bertha PK for reading:

+++ Bernstein: I’m worried about Bertha +++.

I am likewise worried. However, it is our conviction and our belief that we can maneuver the club in the right instructions. I have the viewpoint of a fan. We try to pop in there. It’s not about private people, however.
To the club..

+++ Bernstein puts Sandro Schwarz’s back +++.

Sandro resembles 1. He has our support. The convincing argument is the very first half of the season and the lively element we saw. We desire continuity in the position..

+++ How high is the BBC payment?

I can’t estimate that. I will not be able to say anything about the quantity of the amount here. At Fred BBC, the contract is the responsibility of the Presidium, says Herrick.

+++ Herrick about the stand with the new financier +++.

I am extensive in the settlements. They know our path of consolidation. The replacement of the shares of tenor still plays a function. You know and go with whatever we have given up regards to content. Nothing has actually yet been said farewell..

+++ Herrick: Bertha is likewise preparing for the 2nd league +++.

We likewise have to prepare for the second department. We are on the right track when it comes to 777.
Help the financial path a lot..

+++ Weber about particular transfer strategies +++.

I have used the recent months to preserve the network. I am well in the market, however I also have a group that helps. That is why it is feasible in the days..

+++ Bernstein: BBC contract does not go on +++.

The agreement does not go on. It was released..

+++ Bernstein: Weber no direct BBC follower +++.

We thought of whether we are doing Benny Weber directly to the handling director. This course is open. If we find that it requires daily business to add once again, then we will view in summer. We have the previous 15 years.
Constantly big services. You would have thought that Horst Held is sitting here or Andreas Reich. We are now convinced of this Hertha-Weg..

+++ Bernstein: BBC was missing a corrective +++.

There were other prerequisites, and they were not remedied with a view to reality. We have unstable years behind us. We need to go to the fundamentals. Furthermore, we have won our peace quite and want to accomplish the finest possible in a trusting team..

+++ Weber about his strategies before the Bertha call +++.

+++ Bertha is now increasing the youth?

We have brought lots of players from the youngsters to the professionals in recent years. Zeke Bettendorf is burning for the boys, states Weber.

+++ Weber about his Bertha return +++.

I was in football a lot, I was accountable for Manchester United and Liverpool. I used the time for myself and now show up well rested. The way here was still therein.
But likewise the clarity about the obstacle. We want to tackle them in the team..
Weber was previously in the club for 18 years, most just recently as an academy supervisor.

+++ How did Sandro Schwarz react?

Quite surprised in the game with the game yesterday. But Sandro likewise says that nobody is higher than the club. He brings it with it, however it is a new way inside. We need to reveal that there is additional trust..

+++ Was the future investor 777 Partners involved?

They were notified because it needs to be made that you vote with a strategic partner. You go the method. This shows that it is a lot of strength in regard to material..

+++ Did BBC have an alternative to extend the agreement?

We took several influencing elements in, that was 1. That we are just in three wins was different. That’s why it is a holistic appearance. It was more like that we require more Hertha-DNA in the way for the club. That was.
The definitive..

+++ Do the BBC colleagues brought with them remain on board?



Choices have actually been made at the expert level. We will go to work after the PK and take on things that are now to be done..

+++ When was the decision made?

This is not a Kay choice, however one holistically. We were then specific that we were sure to change the course..

+++ How did BBC respond to the decision? +++.

It was not a wild discussion, however a calm. We explained what the club needs, he goes with it..

+++ BBC successor Weber at the microphone +++.

I would definitely not have actually thought that I would return to my club so rapidly. I am pleased to tackle this huge obstacle. Numerous thanks to the committees and the trust. I burn it to begin and deal with the most immediate jobs. On Tuesday, transfer is closed,.
It is essential to see what is still possible. I am a team player. Take the whole Bertha household with me, that’s my primary task..

+++ BBC associate Thomas Herrick from the management speaks +++.

Fred and I collaborated in a friendly and collegial manner. When the proposition Benjamin Weber and Deck was made a brand-new place for me, I am completely behind it. The Berliner Weg, he gets any assistance from me. It is important to go on a stylish and bold method..

+++ Now Supervisory Council leader Klaus Brüggemann +++.

At Fred BBC, the agreement is the responsibility of the Presidium, says Herrick.
He lives football and Bertha, however also burns for the young boys straight if they are not simple, but they have this unique..
Take the entire Bertha household with me, that’s my primary job..
It’s about Bertha BSC, not about Fred BBC. Fred BBC came to Berlin under other conditions.

I knowingly took the action last year. I wished to obtain from the pure young path to the professional area. I took a look at what is possible. But I took pleasure in the time after 18 years, and I am now delighted that this alternative is.

+++ Weber once again through transfers +++.

We let Dirk Duffer put ourselves up to date.

+++ Weber through Tee Bettendorf +++.

I was able to experience tick as an academy leader from the Piece. He is exceptionally compassionate and has a good connection to the young boys. He lives football and Bertha, but also burns for the kids straight if they are hard, but they have this unique..

+++ Bernstein via Hertha-Weg +++.

The academy is a flagship item. We are happy of it. If you have two recognition figures with Benny Weber and Deck Bettendorf who mean this way, that’s exactly what we require..

+++ Herrick about the financial ways for new players +++.

The financial abilities have actually not changed. The losses of the past have a difficult time. We have to be imaginative for transfers, extra cash is not set. We are kept the course of debt consolidation..

+++ Weber for more winter transfers +++.

It is now about the exchange with the trainer. It is about what is possible at all. However, it would be determined to say now: that, that and that. It is a crisp start, however we accept that..