Is Hogwarts Legacy Coming To PS Plus? What We Know So Far About The RPGs Availability

Hogwarts Legacy will be released to PS5 on Feuary 10 and in a few months for the PS4.
Players who purchased the deluxe and collector’s version will be able to take advantage of early access and play the game on Feuary 7.
Considering that Avalanche Software has a partnership with PlayStation providing unique quests and items, will the game be available on PS Plus?

Hogwarts Legacy on PS Plus?

Nothing indicates that Hogwarts Legacy will be available on PS Plus.
However, we know that Avalanche Software has a partnership with PlayStation, so that only the platform has an exclusive quest and unique cosmetic items.
After one year these items will be available on other platforms, such as Xbox, PC and Switch consoles.

Considering that this one-year period is a partnership, it would not be impossible to see Hogwarts Legacy on PS Plus and even after this first year the game would have its sales number reduced and insert it into a catalog service may be more profitable.
It is likely that the game between PS Plus for Extra Plan subscribers, sooner or later, but it is impossible to estimate the period.


While this first year denotes a promising partnership, Avalanche needs profits and as much sales as possible.

Where can this partnership go?

Even though Hogwarts Legacy is not available to PS Plus subscribers, the game is likely to have a free weekend for players to test and decide if they want to buy.
This happened (and happens) with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. In addition, nothing prevents extra content added to the game and exclusive to console players.
Also, at some point in the future Sony may close an agreement with Avalanche so that Hogwarts Legacy is exclusively available on PS Plus and cannot be available in the Game Pass service.