Everything You Need To Know About The Creation Catalyst On Dragonflight: Get Your Set Pieces Easily!

If you are seeking to get your set pieces for your class, do not stress since the development catalyst is back on Dragon fight!
The system permitting to transform a LOOT EQUIPMENT PIECE During the season into a set piece will make its resurgence on WOW on Wednesday, January 18 on European servers.
We describe all the information of the creation catalyst (Production Driver in English) in order to be able to create your set parts for your characters!
Update: Top Wednesday, February 1 at 2 a.m. The mission is now put next to the Vault in the capital, preventing a big salami to the driver.
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1 When will the development driver be offered?
2 Where to produce your set parts to get the bonus 2 and 4p?
3 How to craft a set on Dragon flight?
3.1 To sum up:
4 How to rapidly finish the weekly mission?
4.1 The activities concerned:

When will the creation catalyst be readily available?

After several reports, Leaks and Data mining, it seems that the creation driver will become active on Wednesday, January 25 at 5 am on European servers of World of Warcraft.
This system will be present throughout the 2nd part of season 1 to the variation of season 2. There, it is extremely likely that Blizzard deactivates it to set up a new system for the S2 of the Dragon fight EVE content.

Where to develop your set pieces to get the bonus offer 2 and 4p?

The command module of the production catalyst is put not far from the capital, north of Thyroid, in an equidistant building of the raid the vault of necromancer and the capital.
There, you will find Hanuka, the catalyst scrolled along with the command to develop your set piece.
Keep in mind that the latter is already on website in the game (before January 25) but that other element is present with it.

How to craft a set on dragon flight?

Weekly, you will get a load permitting you to transform a space (helmet, shoulder, upper body, glove or pants) obtained throughout the current season (in mm+, raid, PVP or via vault) into a set of set.
To obtain a charge, you just need to make a relatively simple weekly quest, connected to the present material of season 1. Note that it is linked to the account, therefore enabling you to do a charge on your rerolls.
It is likewise possible to have this load to transform another Deirdre space (cape, wrists, belt, boot) but the latter will not set any set rewards, just a change of stats.

To sum up:

  • Only the parts acquired during the existing season are transformed (Vault, MM+, RAID, PVP, World Manager and Tier 2 War Mode).
  • Only set areas will provide a set reward.
  • A charge each week per character.
  • Make the mission on a character unlocks a charge for all the characters in the account.
  • Your rerolls integrate the really sits are not maximum level.
  • An overall of 6 charges at a lot of.
    Note that we recommend you mostly Doubting your 4-room benefit prior to having fun customizing parts for the statistics.
    In the very majority of cases, the 2nd benefit will be a bigger UP than to change stats where Will of a piece.

How to rapidly finish the weekly quest?

Every Wednesday (at the time of the reset), you will get a mission in the capital allowing you to have a brand-new charge for the driver.
This requires completing maximum level activities on Dragon flight.

activities concerned:.

  • End up dungeons in mythical + + (no distinction according to the level of the key).
  • Complete events like hunts.


  • Eliminate the World Manager of the week.
  • Win a PVP match (arena, BG, and so on).
  • Eliminate a manager of the raid the cellar of versions (20% per employer even in LFR).
    These activities are presently cumulative, so you can choose to clean the raid or dent the MM+ in order to complete the mission this way.
    Keep in mind that the quest is linked to all your characters on the very same account, so it is possible to complete it by killing the World Manager on a character, then to carry out other activities on another character.
    The simplest and fast therefore seems to make two wings of the RAID in LFR, since each boss offers 20%.
    Update from 25/01 to 10 a.m.: as prepared for in the evening, Blizzard A Hotfix the possibility of completing the mission by killing the World Employer on 2 different characters.
    He only reports 20% by elimination.

So much for our guide concerning the Dragon fight Catalyst of Production, do not hesitate to consult all our short articles and guides on our Wow portal.