Unveiling The Secrets Of Riot Games: The MMR System And How It Actually Works

One of the great sources of curiosity and admiration of Riot Games is its MMR system.
It has always been a true mystery and, from time to time, returns to the spotlight the debate on how the system works.


With the leakage of data and the developer code because of a cyberattack, information on the operation of the MMR system was expected to leak in all the titles of the company, but responsible for providing details about this mysterious object oken
From the company itself, through Rioter Auey, one of those responsible for the LOL classification system.

The keys to understand how LOL MMR works

You earn MMR by winning matches and loses when you lose Nexus. The amount you earn and how many points you get is related to a number of things, one of them being the MMR of both teams. If your team has more MMR (all
This on very small margins) The system predicts that you will win. In this case, you earn less MMR than if it were the opposite. Everything will also depend on the confidence we have about your internal classification, the victory sequences or defeats may indicate the
How far or near you are from your real level, so starting cover will affect your link, Abe ran.
Finally, he was asked if the number of games affected more or less MMR.
This is possible for both wins and losses. At this time, we are not seeing any statistics that indicates how a player is doing in the game, Auden replied.
With this information, we have a slightly more general idea of how one of the company’s best kept secrets works.
Now try to take advantage of this to your advantage to add more benefits to your ranked matches and thus climb out any of the Riot Games.