Star Wars Jedi Survival Postponed: Why Developers Need More Time To Perfect Their Game


Games postponement are multiplying and Star Wars jedi survivor will not leave the fact that developers need extra time to take out the video game with the quality they consider to be the very best.
In a news release posted on its various social networks, Electronic Arts and the Respawn Entertainment studio therefore report that Star Wars jedi survivor will not be launched on March 17 as planned, however on April 28, 2023. A postponement of a brief month that
In truth, has extremely little effect for the player, but a very important for Electronic Arts who hence launches his video game from the 2022/2023 financial year.
These 6 weeks of post movement will above all allow the teams to tighten the video game, such as bug correction to enhance efficiency, stability, polishing and, more importantly, gamer’s experience.

What EA may not have expected is that the date of April 28, 2028 was currently occupied by a certain Dead Island 2, as long as the latter is not pressed back for the Troupe thousandth time.