Too Much Of A Good Thing: When Vitamin B12 Supplements Go Wrong

They are readily available as effervescent tablets, pills, ampules or granules: vitamin B12 preparations.
However, much of them are needlessly extremely dosed, as an evaluation of the magazine Contest shows (concern 2/2023).
A summary:

Who needs to take in vitamin B12 as a preparation at all?

If you eat vegan or strictly vegetarian, a dietary supplement with vitamin B12 is required.
You have a difficult time covering your requirements due to the fact that if you eat completely or primarily vegetable.
According to the Contest, for example, sauerkraut or fermented soybeans of B12 consist of.
The actually productive sources are animal natural meat, eggs, fish and dairy products.
Our body requires the nutrient for cellular division and the function of the nerve system.
A shortage can lead to anemia and nerve damage.

Missing out on vitamin B12, tiredness or psychiatric and neurological symptoms can happen.

Ex-swimmers and doctors Mark Warner
In an interview with the medical professional, and ex-swimmer Mark Warner described the effects of a defect.
Vitamin B12 intervenes in numerous metabolic processes and is very important for blood formation, the muscles and the brain., if there is no tiredness or neurological and psychiatric symptoms. This can go from confusion to anxiety.
Once, the client is actually bad, discusses Warner.
The issue with a change in diet is that the reserves of the body last long before the problem just appears time (here is an interview: Veganism carries risks).

What did Contest notice?

29 products Contest analyzed and also examined how high the everyday maximum dosage of vitamin B12 suggested by the makers themselves.

Youths and adults have an estimated everyday requirement of four micrograms of vitamin B12.
The Federal Institute for Threat Assessment (BFR) recommends 25 micrograms daily as the highest dosage.
A lot of preparations in the test far surpass this worth.
An item even comes to 2000 micrograms.
Contest speaks of a sometimes extreme overdose.
The motto A lot helps a lot does not apply to vitamin B12: the body is leaving what it can not absorb-as costly urine, as the testers write.
Nevertheless, many producers utilize the label extremely dosed as a sales argument for their preparations.

How do I discover an appropriate item?

According to Contest, some products contain the animal parts lactose and gelatin.


If you wish to do without it, examine whether the preparation is marked as a vegan.
And the following applies anyway: For the medical diagnosis and treatment of a vitamin B12 deficiency, you should get a doctor on board.
If you feed yourself vegan or vegetarian, it is best to have your B12 level checked once a year.