WOW Patch 10.0.5: Exploring The Magic Tower Sets and Decorations – But Where Are The Call

Among the features of mini update WoW Patch 10.0.5 is the magic tower on the ravaged islands of WoW: Legion, which can be activated once again and gone to by your characters.
To survive the obstacles for the mount of magicians.


Any specialization of all classes that were associated with the video game prior to Dragon Flight and the Pre Patch are set up in which you can show yourself.
And there is the hair in the soup, because the brand name brand-new class caller is not permitted into the magic tower.
War Councilor Victoria of the Karin Tor at the collaborates 46/62 on the ravaged islands inform the callers among you that she needs to support you with regard to the indirect threats from the burning legion, however currently she can not give a caller.
After all, Victoria’s wording suggests that callers also have the chance to show themselves in the magic tower at some point.
It is naturally a pity that this is not the case with the reopening of the tower.

some sets and decors work

According to the reports of the authors of Towhead, armor when going into the obstacles will only be scaled-before Dragon Flight, the item level 50. Naturally, these changes influence how the BIS-items from time walking snow appear like, said Anshan.
With this change, nevertheless, some equipment such as devices from the battle for Grammar is poorly scaled compared to other choices. Celebration Sync and Crafted Gear are presently even better than in the past.
A few sets are presently operating in the magic tower, that is, their set bones are not deactivated in the challenges.

Apparently the bonuses of the set, which you can buy with primeval storms and anger of the storm, are apparently impacted, along with the World PVP set.
The effects of designs, such as primary loop and blue silk food, are likewise activated.
WoW (buy now) Head are convinced that these things were ruled out when reactivating the magic tower, and that they are probably shut off with upcoming hotfixes.
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