WoW: Dragon Flights Shared Feast – The Perfect Way To Enjoy A Meal With Friends

Anyone who has actually participated in among the various events in WoW: Dragon Flight in the previous few weeks will have seen that they are still preferred.


Above all, the huge banquet at the Tusk arr is still besieged by an entire pack of gamers every day.
In contrast to the excellent hunt or the siege of the kite of the kite, the rush to the scrumptious soup appears to be no less.
Naturally, this is not the case for no factor, since the banquet uses numerous players months after the release of WoW (buy now): Dragon flight good benefits.
So it is not so easy with any other event to get a great deal of reputation for very little effort.
In addition, lots of players are still dramatically on the alchemical aroma bag.
This can be consisted of in the benefit there, the soup pot with materials.
It is either useful or can be cost a great deal of gold in the auction home.

the Tusk arr cook now far more often

A lot of players therefore wish to participate in the huge cooking with their char (and possibly every twink) a minimum of once a week.
This is sometimes not so simple since the event only takes place every 3.5 hours.
So if you don’t play a lot and do not want to host your schedule on the huge movie theater, you may likewise go away empty-handed for a week.
To avoid this, the designers have now lowered the time between the events.
The joint banquet of the Tusk arr now happens every 1.5 hours (previously every 3.5 hours)!
This need to now be a lot easier for all gamers to take part in the event.
In addition, the quantity of players need to equalize a little and the crowds may go back a bit.

Nevertheless, because the adjustments in among the previous updates, this has actually no longer been a huge problem.
Do you likewise go to the big movie theater on regularly and help him to cook the delicious soup?
Or are the occasions so boring for you, and the rewards so obsolete that you choose to spend your time on the dragon islands elsewhere?
What would the occasions have to use so that you can still visit them regularly in the existing WoW stage?
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Philipp Settler