Create Your Very Own Harry Potter-Style Wand in Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, you have the opportunity to configure your wand, which will become a constant companion throughout your stay at the School of Gory and Magic.
With so many ways to change its appearance, you can even create a stick similar to the one that Harry Potter and his friends owned.
If you are interested in coinciding with the boy who survived, here is the combination that you can try.

How to configure your wand in Hogwarts Legacy

At the beginning of the game, you will have to do with a temporary stick.
However, after classes on the first school day, you can accept the quest to visit Hogs mid with a friend.
Once in Hogs mid, go to Olivares to pick up your wand.
You can find Colliders by opening a card and finding a wand icon.
The building looks as shown above.
Having entered the store, interact with the bell at the registration stance to call Her bold Oleander, who will help you find the perfect pair.
If you have connected your Warding World account, you will be connected to the same stick as on the site.
Otherwise, you will be assigned a random wand.
Despite everything, you can configure your wand as you want.

How to make a Harry Potter stick in Hogwarts Legacy

After appointing the wand, you can change everything in it so that it really belongs to you or Harry Potter.
Keep in mind that the handles of the rods can be obtained later in the game and changed places at its discretion, but the rod itself remains constant.

Style of the stick

Switch to the second tab to view the parameters of the rod style.
Harry Potter’s stick is usually depicted from dark wood and has a polished look.
The nearest coincidence will be classic-black.

type of wood

Switch to the third tab to choose a brand of sticks.
Harry Potter’s characteristics were as follows:
Type of wood: Holly
Length: eleven inches
Flexibility: elastic

the nucleus of the rod

Go to the last tab to choose the nucleus of the rod.


Harry Potter’s stick, as you know, was made of a fenixakotye feather can produce a wide range of magic, but less constant unicorns and less strong than the dragon’s heart string.
After you have chosen all of the above, confirm the purchase and enjoy your new spell tools.
If you are a fan of Phoenix, get acquainted with our guide on all answers to get the cartridge of the Phoenix in the magical world here, in the guidelines for professional games.