All Answers to Get a Deer Patronus in the Magical World: Unlocking the Spell Charm of Patronus SOZ

The magical world allows you to find your own patrons by answering a simple set of questions.
The spell charm of patrons creates an animal that protects the caster from enemies.

If you remember, Harry produces his cartridge-eleni in the film Harry Potter and Azkaban Prisoner.
You can get the same creature as your patrons by choosing the right options in the quiz.

How to get a deer-patronus in Warding World

Despite the fact that this is a rare mythical animal, it is not so difficult to get a silver deer in the magical world.
You will be asked a few questions during the quiz patrons, and this is how you should answer each of them to get a deer:
Question one: shine / sheet / sun / protection / dream
Question Second: Make / Bright / Sweet / Warm / Bone / Smooth
Question Third: Escape / Passion / Feeling / Earth / Around
Question fourth: sometimes / why / free / one / lost / silent
Question fifth: hope / black / mind / advise / listen
Question sixth: acute / deep / awakening / frost / ripples / hunting
For each question, you will receive two or three words to choose from.
In accordance with the number of your question, select a word that corresponds to any of the words shown in the list above.
If you take this step until the very last question, you will receive a deer patrons.
Sometimes you can get a doe instead of a deer.
You can also use Warding World to assign yourself a Hogwarts Heritage Ha bitter.


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