Final fantasy xiv

Hogwarts Legacy: Unlocking the Secrets of the Three Finals and the Consequences of Your Choices

Hogwarts Legacy has three different finals and there are specific ways to get them.
There is the good end ending and the true ending that can be won by any player.
Understand how these finals are and what will take you to each of them.


It must be said that the only choice of finals is in the final battle, because nothing you make before will affect the progress of the game.
The house you choose does not influence the ending and learning darkness arts also does not influence the ending.

Final Good

  • In the final battle you will have options
  • Choose I intend to keep this power here
  • Choose I will keep this secret forever
    After that you become the guardian of ancestral magic and Professor Fig will help him.

You need to defeat Rank and the teacher will die, but your wand will come together with your wife’s.
You will still maintain your ancestral magic.

Final bad

  • In the final battle you will have options
  • Choose I will release this power
  • Choose This power should not be hidden from the world
    The teacher will die, just as at the end, but it will be because it will not have enough strength to help you contain magic (which you would not do anyway, as you want to spread and share ancestral magic).
    We need to face Rank alone, as he remains the final boss.

True Final

  • Can be achieved regardless of having made the good or bad end
  • You need to complete all secondary quests
  • Complete all quests involving relationships with other characters
  • Complete all the puzzles of the game
    After completing one of the finals above, you will return to Hogwarts and Professor Weasley will talk about the N.O.M.S.
    Several quests will be available, such as the House Cup and you must complete all to unlock the last end.
    The ending is a ceremony in which all teachers honor the memory of Professor Fig.
    With this Hogwarts Legacy ends, but don’t think it will be so easy, as it will be a hundred quests to complete and many puzzles to solve.