European Championship Participation on the Line: German Womens Basketball Team Faces Decision on Sunday

The DBB selection lost 44:69 (19:34) in Wolfenbüttel versus leaders Belgium on Thursday and remains in second place with a record of 3: 2.
The team of national coach Walt Hopkins should now intend to reach the European Champions in Slovenia and Israel (June 15th to 25th) as one of the 4 finest group runners-up.
In order to continue to have a possibility for the very first European Championship involvement in twelve years, Germany should win the game in Bosnia and Herzegovina on Sunday (8 p.m.).
The Hopkins group got off to a weak start and was 9:22 behind after ten minutes.
Belgium repeatedly came by Emma Weissmann on easy points.
The DBB choice entered the video game much better in the second area, but Belgium was far better and more efficient.
After the modification of sides, the guests once again revealed their qualities and gave no possibility at the end of the German nationwide team.


The finest thrower for Germany were Alexandra Wilde and Marie Gulch with ten points each.