Explore the Hogwarts Legacy Common Rooms: Enter Every Room and Unlock its Heritage

Hogwarts Legacy has four faculties to choose from, and each faculty has an exclusive common room for students.
These are common areas, where students belonging to one house can return after attending classes in order to chat and relax among other classes.
Each common room was developed with great care in the game.
All of them have a unique topic based on their house, including the situation, decor, soundtrack, level design and much more.
Depending on which faculty you belong to the Hogwarts Heritage, you can also access some exclusive content.
For example, in the Hufflepuff house there is a quest that will bring you to prison Azkaban.
You cannot visit the location if you belong to any other house.
Keep in mind that you have only one chance to choose your home at the beginning of the game.
This will be during the sequence of a distribution hat, where your character will have to answer several questions.
If you do not like the Hogwarts Heritage Homes, which the distributing hat has chosen for you, you can either start again or jump over a few hoops to manually choose your house on the official website.
After you joined the house, you need to know the whereabouts of the entrance to the common room.

Gryffindor’s common room

Gryffindor’s common room is very easy to find.
You just need to get to the faculty tower and climb the stairs.
Go to the southern wing of the tower and find a portrait of a full lady.
The portrait will allow you to pass if you are on the Gryffindor.
Pour through a small hole to get into a magnificent common room.
You will see how every aspect of the room personifies the courage of the house of Gryffindor.
The interior is designed using gold and scarlet color, so that everything speaks for itself in the house.
In the Hogwarts Heritage there is a lot of sitting space that you can use to improve communication with other wizards.
Moving pictures will always accompany you in the room, so you will never feel lonely, exploring the surroundings.
In addition, this zone of the room is the warmest compared to others, since the theme of Gryffindor’s house is fire.
Everything corresponds to the essence of the Gryffindor.

General room Slytherin

The common room of the faculty of Slytherin is in the dungeons.
Go down the lower front staircase and move towards the wall in front of you.
If you are Slytherin, you will have one of the most wonderful entrances to any room.
A huge snake will rise from under the ground to pave the path that will bring you to the Slytherin living room in the Hogwarts heritage.
The room reflects the green color of Slytherin.
You will see massive columns from green marble, which rise from under the ground and reach the endless ceilings of the room.
The water element of the house is included in various elements of the room, giving you a feeling of belonging.
You will find this room dark in comparison with others, but this is a true reflection of the Slytherin faculty.
Everyone, regardless of their house, appreciates the beauty of the common room of Slytherin.

General room Hufflepuff

The common room of Hufflepuff is located next to the front staircase.
You need to go past the hidden kitchen and find a huge barrel with two scrapers.
The door barrel will open by itself if you are part of the Hufflepuff family, and will lead you to a breathtaking natural environment.
The theme of the Hufflepuff house is the Earth, and the entire design of the room rotates around this topic.


You will see a magnificent combination of green and skin that will delight your eye.
Plants are suspended to the ceilings, and the round ceiling indicates the ground itself.
A walk along the corridors of the common room of Hufflepuff can be the most soothing experience for you.
Each of the present element inside reflects the delicate nature of plants and earth.

Perhaps this is one of the best common rooms in Hogwarts’s Heritage.

General room Ravenclaw

The common room Ravenclaw is located in the Ravenclaw Tower.
Go to the western side of the tower after lifting along the front staircase.
At the end, climb the stairs next to the blue corridor.
You will see a huge Ravenclaw on the door, which is your entrance to the common room.
It will open only if you are part of the Ravenclaw’s house.
The class of the living room Ravenclaw has no equal;
The perfect combination of blue and silver makes it amazing.
You will see how the entire atmosphere of the room is the scholarship and wit of representatives of Ravenclaw.
Huge windows provide excellent lighting during the day, and at night you can enjoy a beautiful sky full of stars.
Even fabrics are printed using astrological figures, which does everything perfect for students.

How to enter the common room of another house

Knowing everything about common rooms, we are looking forward to the opportunity to rush into each of them and enjoy a magnificent look.
However, there is no way to visit the common rooms of other faculties in the Hogwarts heritage.

That is why you get the location of the fireplace flame only for the chosen house, and not for the other three.
You will explore the castle and find the location of common rooms, but you will not enter them, as it is forbidden in the Hogwarts heritage.
There is only one way to experience the magnificence of all the common rooms of the Hogwarts Heritage Homes.
Hogwarts Legacy does not have a New Game Plus function, so you should follow the new path of the game.
Start a new game and choose another house to visit all four common rooms every time.
This is possible, since you have four slots to save in Hogwarts Legacy, which makes it perfect for choosing another home in each saving file.
Run the game and test the common rooms, if you want, and then decide whether to continue the house or go to another saving file.
Remember that you can choose any house, since the main story remains unchanged regardless of which faculty you represent in the Hogwarts Heritage.
Go out and conquer the magical world and experience the phenomenal creation of the common rooms of hogwarts legacy house.

The best common room in the Hogwarts Heritage

The best common room depends on your taste.
Gryffindor’s fans are likely to find the common room of Gryffindor the most pleasant.
However, keep in mind that Hogwarts’s Heritage gives you the opportunity to see how the common rooms of Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw look.
These two houses were a little avoided in films, so you can take this opportunity to check them.